• Fast Forward (Peel Show Compilation March-July 1983)
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1983 - March, April and July
  • A cassette compilation from the collection of Peel Group member mr_maudlin. The compilation forms one side of a C90, recorded from the BBC Radio 1 John Peel Show but with no Peel links. This was the last time I tried to think up an interesting title for my regular peel recordings, I resorted to 'The Peel Tapes' after this. 
  • These are tape to tape recordings using 2 Sony 'separates' cassette decks from a fairly good FM signal.
  • My tape budget had extended to using a TDK AD90
  • The inlay card has the recording dates of: tracks 1-11 April 83, 12-13 July83. I would normally make the tape up a day or so after the actual broadcast of the show. The Testcard F tracks are from a session and Ken's book has this being repeated on the 31 March 1983. So it could reasonably be assumed that at least tracks 1-6 are from this show. The last two tracks are listed on the wiki for the 5 July show, and in the same order as they appear on my tape. That just leaves tracks 7-11, which could also be from the 31 March, but I think it more likely they are from a show in early April.
  • The tape is bookended with what I view as two classic Peel tracks; the Earthquake Song and Good Technology. I often used to think about releasing a complilation album of 'Great lost records I recorded off John Peel in my bedroom' (the title needs some work); Earthquake Song by the Little Girls is always side 1 track 1.



  • Fast Forward (John Peel comp 1983).mp3
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