• Feb82-UB40
  • BBC Radio One
  • 1982
  • A level-adjusted version of Mark's original upload, the latest in a series of Peel compilations from various periods.
  • He comments: "Session tracks from end of Jan beginning of Feb 82 but it bounces around between dates – I had a pal with a two deck tape machine. I may have borrowed that to do some editing. Either that or Ken’s dates are wrong but I can’t believe that. Sessions including Pulp’s first! Side A features Zaf of Alien Kulture – 'the occasional correspondent' sends a postcard from India. UB40 – a serious reggae outfit. On Side B Peel is at the perkiest I ever heard him introducing the Associates as opening track. Seems to relish being a 'proper DJ' but always with heavy irony."
  • Close listening to the tape shows that the first UB40 track is a record request and in fact is part of an unbroken last 26 minutes of the show of 08 February 1982 and that the mixtape has therefore been recorded in sequence.



Side A
(JP talks about introducing Top Of The Pops for the first time in 14 years – and introducing Amen Corner – “whose name I forgot – and like Mary Queen of Scots had Calais etched on her heart I shall have Amen Corner? Etched on mine if anyone should inspect it after I pass on. Engelbert Humperdink was on and someone called Solomon King. It was a fairly grim programme I do recall”.)
Side B
(JP: 'Hello hewers of wood and drawers of water, I have been scouring the streets of old London town all day looking for more Belgian records to play you but all my efforts have proved fruitless so instead we have sessions by Play Dead and UB40 – the latter including a rather pointed piece about me. We start the programme with those crazy Associates.') [11/2]
(JP: 'Most of you listeners have been in bands – I know this because most of you have sent me demo tapes.')
(JP: 'Of course, that record was made before people realised that making records was a pretty darned serious business.')


  • Feb 82-UB40
  • 00:59:51
  1. A.k.a. 'The Back Of Love'.
  2. Mark says: "Lyrics and Peel definitely says Folitician – and on a UB40’s website this is confirmed. Was released on LP UB44 in 1981. Ken’s book says it was Politician."
  3. Mark adds: "The last tune in the session and a show. “Non- Liverpool band gets Peel Session shock!” What he didn’t know then was that he discovered the genius of Jarvis over 10 years before most other folk."
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