Feedtime (the band would often spell their name in lower case letters - feedtime) is an Australian punk / noise rock band from Sydney, New South Wales, that was initially formed as a duo in 1979 by Rick Johnson on guitar and vocals and Allen Larkin on bass guitar and vocals. They soon became a trio with various drummers until 1982, when they were joined by Tom Sturm. This line-up issued four albums, Feedtime (late 1985), Shovel (February 1987), Cooper-S (May 1988) and Suction (early 1989), before disbanding in February 1989. They reunited in 1995 with Johnson and Larkin joined by the latter's younger brother, John Larkin, on drums for another album, Billy (April 1996), before disbanding again in 1997. The Rick-Al-Tom line up reunited again, in 2011.

Links to Peel

Peel would often play tracks from feedtime on his shows in the late 80's and once described the band as his favourite Australian group [1]. However, he never successfully got the band to do a session for his shows and rarely played any tracks from the group after they got back together in 1995, before disbanding in 1997.

Shows Played

  • 16 October 1992: Plymouth Car Is A Limousine (v/a 7@ EP - Scumbait #2) Treehouse

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