Field mice
The Field Mice
 were a twee-pop/jangle-pop group from South London. Forming in 1987 and dissolving in 1991, they were considered the flagship band of the Sarah Records label.[1]

The group was initially formed as a duo between singer/guitarist Robert Wratten and bassist Michael Hiscock, before eventually expanding to become a quintet with the addition of guitarist Harvey Williams, keyboardist Anne Mari Davies, and drummer Mark Dobson.

Following the band's dissolution, Wratten, Davies, and Dobson reunited in the bands Northern Picture Library, and Trembling Blue Stars.

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A band that Peel played on his shows in the late 80s and early/mid 90s, who were first signed to Sarah Records. After playing their Sensitive track on his 13 February 1989 show, Peel made a comment that someone on the Mayo line said the song sounded like a fast version of the House Of Love's Destroy The Heart, which he totally agreed with.

Festive Fifty Entries


THE FIELD MICE John Peel 1st April 1990

THE FIELD MICE John Peel 1st April 1990

One session. No known official commercial release. Recorded 1990-04-01. First broadcast 23 April 1990. Repeated: 14 June 1990 
  • Anoint / Sundial / Fresh Surroundings / By Degrees

There is unverified speculation on the internet that all four songs performed on this session were also written specifically for this session. None of the songs seems to appear on any of the band's official albums or compilations.

Other Shows Played

  • Sensitive


    25 January 1989: Fabulous Friend (7" - Emma's House) Sarah
  • 13 February 1989: Sensitive (7" - Sensitive / When Morning Comes To Town) Sarah
  • 22 March 1989: Sensitive (7") Sarah
  • 17 May 1989: Everything About You (b/w 7" - I Can See Myself Alone Forever) Caff Corporation
  • 19 June 1989: Everything About You (7" - I Can See Myself Alone Forever) Caff Corporation
  • 13 September 1989: This Love Is Not Wrong (10" mini-album - Snowball) Sarah
  • 30 September 1989 (BFBS): This Love Is Not Wrong (10" mini-album - Snowball) Sarah
  • 30 October 1989: Couldn't Feel Safer (LP - Snowball) Sarah
  • 26 December 1989: 'Sensitive (7")' (Sarah) FF #26 (JP: 'I'm tempted to say that that's the first Sarah record to get into the Festive Fifty, but I say that without any research whatsoever, and whenever I do say anything as absolute as that, people phone in or write in and say, "You're completely wrong, it's the 17th", or something like that.')

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