Florence Victoria Shankly Ravenscroft (born 30th April 1982), known as Flossie, is the youngest of Peel's children. Named after Peel's nanny, Florence Horne, not much is known about Flossie's private life, apart from her achieving a 2:1 degree in English at the University of Liverpool in 2004 [1][2] and that she also enjoyed horse riding: she once kept a horse at Peel Acres, until she left for university, when Peel decided to use the shed for keeping his extra records.[3] Her first attended gig was seeing the Wedding Present at the Cambridge Corn Exchange on 3 December 1992 [4]. On 05 July 2001 she saw Belle & Sebastian in Ipswich.

Marking her twentieth birthday on 30 April 2002, Peel played the only song he knew with Florence in the title (a doo wop single recorded in 1957 by the Paragons).

Peel mentioned on his December 2002 (FSK) show that his daughter Florence was going out with the guitarist of The Vaults.

She deputised for mum Sheila to introduce the Pig's Big 78 on at least two occasions in 2004 [5][6].

In reports published some years ago on a now defunct website, her mother Sheila Ravenscroft mentioned that Flossie was planning to travel to Japan to be an English teacher at a school. Since then, there have been no reports on her activity.

The Cuban Boys in 1999 released a song called Flossie's Alarming Clock, named after her Japanese alarm clock [7], which was sampled on the record. The track made it to number 28 in the 1999 Festive Fifty.

Mentioned In Shows

  • 03 May 1982: (JP: "Since I last spoke with you I've become a father for the fourth time - Florence - we haven't decided on the rest of the names yet and she's bound to be called Flossie I rather suspect. I've been trying to find records about Flossies and Florences but without any success although I've got one which I played actually about a month ago by the Paragons called 'Florence' but it's such an awful recording I don't think it would be entirely fair.")
  • 04 May 1982: Paragons: Florence. Peel plays the Paragons track as a tribute to the latest addition to the family, Florence
  • 03 June 1982 (BBC World Service): Peel mentions that the Room's Things Have Learnt To Walk That Ought To Crawl track does not refer to his latest addition of the family, baby daughter, Florence, who was recently born. He describes her as very small and breathtakingly beautiful.
  • 24 February 1986: Peel mentions that he saw his four year old daughter Flossie painting and asked her what it was, thinking that she may say it is her dad or Goldilocks or a Robin, but instead said it was a painting of 'sick yukk'.
  • 29 April 1986: Peel mentions it is Flossie's birthday tomorrow.
  • 06 October 1986: (JP: 'That's New Order from the LP, Brotherhood, the track Weirdo and a strange weekend for me because my four children were in a particularly fowl mood most in the weekend. The high point coming when our Florence, who is four, was sitting in the garden and I went out to talk to her, thinking I must talk to my amusing child, and she looked at me and said, I like you Daddy but not very much, and then crushed, I returned to listen to records')
  • 14 January 1987: Peel mentions that the Pig rang to say that Flossie, their daughter can't sleep, and is listening to the show, whilst having a bedtime story told to her by the Pig. He then dedicates a record to her by playing Pop Will Eat Itself.
  • 06 April 1987: (JP: 'And the Smiths as you know have already recorded a song about William and the new one is about Sheila, which is the Pig's real name, so there is only only Thomas, Florence and Alexandra to go, here it is')
  • 24 August 1987: Peel mentions going to a Madonna concert last Thursday night at Wembley with his family and says two of his youngest (Florence & Tom) slept.
  • Peel 074 (BFBS): (JP: 'In case I sound a little tense this week, it's because I spent a lot of the time trying to persuade my wife that we ought to have a fifth child, because the four previous children, I should explain, are called William Robert Anfield, Alexandra Mary Anfield, Thomas James Dalglish, and Florence Victoria Shankly. I was thinking, we've got to have a fifth one so that we can put Barnes in there somewhere, because after his performance against Everton the other week, the man has got to be immortalised in some way.')
  • 28 September 1987: (JP: 'This is a record which could easily be recorded by William 11, Alexandra 9, Thomas 7 and Florence 5. In fact it's by the Angry Samoans, but it applies at our house, My Old Man's A Fatso')
  • 22 December 1987: (JP: 'The next two are for our Flossie, should she be still up, which is unlikely. She said something a couple of days ago, of great profundity, I thought. I know there's nothing more tedious than fond fathers who repeat what their children say and so forth, but that's exactly what I'm going to do. She was talking to Al Martin, who's helping out at home at the moment, and, not being entirely sure of the party line, Al didn't know quite what to say when Flossie brought up the subject of death with her, and wanted to know a bit about death. She asked what happened to good people when they died, and Al said, rather nervously, "I think they go to heaven", and Flossie said, "Oh, that means that bad people go to London." I can sympathise with that, I must say.')
  • 28 April 1989 (BFBS): (JP: 'I have a profound disregard for people who tell you music stories about their children, but I'm just about to do exactly that. It turns (out) that my Flossie, who's almost seven, and her mate Chloe, are very very keen on the work of Kylie Minogue. Now, on a couple of occasions in the course of my work, I've actually met Kylie Minogue and quite liked her. You always hope that these people are going to be utterly loathsome so that you can say, "Well, I told you so," but in fact Kylie Minogue is quite an agreeable human being. I got the opportunity to take the children in last weekend to actually meet Kylie Minogue: I didn't tell them about this until I went to collect them from school in the afternoon because I thought they'd be too excited, and when I said to them, "We're going into London to meet Kylie Minogue," both Florence and Chloe went very pink and stayed very pink for about eight hours. It was rather a wonderful thing to watch. Anyway, we got them in there, and Kylie Minogue was very nice and they were much taken with her, she spoke to them and they didn't speak back very much unless prodded by me, and just stood there very pink, their mouths hanging open and grinning rather foolishly, but as I say, she was perfectly charming to them, and they went away with autographed pictures and so forth, and their photograph had been taken and they were much pleased with the entire experience. As we were leaving the building, Flossie stopped, stamped her foot and said, "Oh no! We've missed Neighbours!!" That seemed to sum up children for me.')
  • 19 June 1989: Peel mentions that his 7 year old daughter, Flossie, is a fan of Jason Donovan's Sealed With A Kiss. This made him to look for a comedy version of the song from a Finnish artist called Kusela, which he plays on the show. He also mentions that Flossie liked the comedy version as well. Sealed With A Kiss was originally recorded in 1960 by the Four Voices.
  • 09 October 1989: Peel mentions hearing at a village school event which Flossie attended, a mother telling a child derogatory that what she was wearing was inappropriate and looked like someone from the north, which Peel found quite upsetting. He then plays The Fall's Hit The North.
  • 09 November 1989: Peel reminds the listeners that they can start sending in their entries for the Festive 50. A little later, he reveals, "Speaking of the Festive 50, our William has announced his intention of submitting his list for the Festive 50 this year. It's an important moment you know in a boy's life, when he submits his first Festive 50 and I'm quite moved by all that. Unfortunately, Florence is also planning to submit hers and I think it will be Kylie all the way - not that I object to Kylie that much."
  • 24 December 1989 (BBC Radio East Anglia): JP chatting to his daughter Florence. At her insistence, he plays a snatch of a track from a soundtrack LP to the Australian soap opera 'Neighbours', claiming it's the first time he's done so.
  • 02 June 1991: JP tells us he has just phoned home to his wife Sheila to see if she is OK and Florence answers, JP asks if her mum is in and Florence replies "she's not here, Good Night!" JP presses for further information, where is she, and the reply is "she's gone to the Wedding Present gig, Good Night". JP said what's going on you should be in bed, and the reply is another "Good Night!".
  • 01 July 1991 (Ö3): Daughter Flossie is in the vicinity, and when asked her opinion on a couple of tracks, merely says, "OK", to John's disappointment.
  • 09 August 1991 (BFBS): (JP: 'Goodnight Said Florence, I play this because I like it, not because I've a daughter called Florence, I suppose that plays it's part) Goodnight Said Florence: Blu (12" - Ov / Blu) Different Class
  • 19 January 1992: (John reveals that his daughter Flossie was easily able to identify this track) George Lam: 'Thundercats Are Go (unknown source - a CD from Hong Kong)'
  • 04 December 1992: John mentions that he (and the rest of his family) saw the Wedding Present at the Corn Exchange in Cambridge last night. This was his daughter Flossie’s first ever gig.
  • 19 December 1992: (JP: 'If you were listening to last night's programme, you'll be horrified to hear that I'd encouraged my children to choose a record to play in these holiday spectaculars. This is Flossie's choice.') Sultans Of Ping F.C.: 'Veronica (12 inch)' (Divine)
  • 25 December 1992: (JP: 'In a couple of minutes' time, it'll be Flossie's choice, which may not play terrifically well, as it appears to be covered in yoghurt, but we'll see.') Sultans Of Ping F.C.: 'Riot At The Sheepdog Trials (12"-Veronica)' (Divine)
  • 28 January 1994: Peel mentions that his children, Alexandra & Thomas and Florence all took their speech & drama exams and says that his other son William has got a place at University of Liverpool as long as he passes his A-Levels. He also said that he got an NME award as well.
  • 26 March 1994: Peel reveals that Flossie is a big fan of John Waters' film 'Hairspray'.
  • 29 April 1994: Rachmaninov's 2nd Piano Concerto (for Flossie)
  • 26 August 1994: The show includes with interviews Louise Wener from Sleeper, John “Fat” Beast, Voodoo Queens, David Gedge, Paul Lester and contributions from John’s daughter Flossie.
  • 23 December 1994: Nirvana, 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night (CD-MTV Unplugged In New York)' (Geffen) (JP: 'When I was a boy and growing up in Texas, we knew that as 'In The Pines', but everybody else calls it 'Where Did You Sleep Last Night', and so shall we on this occasion....Our Flossie can play that on the guitar, so I'll dedicate that to her.')
  • 09 June 1995: (JP: 'Engineering and catering in this programme from Florence and the Pig, thanks very much for listening.')
  • 23 June 1995: Daughter Flossie and her friend Zowie later arrive and describe their meeting with Louise from Sleeper. She'd given them autographs, records and photos. JP: "Fantastic, in that case we love Sleeper even more than we did at lunchtime." When asked, Flossie and Zowie give Oasis the thumbs down.
  • 23 December 1995 (BFBS): (JP: 'About two months ago, three months ago, somebody said to me, "You know Rick Blaxill, who's the producer of Top Of The Pops is trying to get in touch with you?", and I thought, "I'm not going to fall for that one, I've been down that road before." You know, people say, "They're trying to get in touch with you from the Palace," and you phone up, "Sorry mate, we don't know what you're on about."...Eventually, he phoned me up at home himself, the producer, and said, "We'd like you to do another Top Of The Pops." Now, I've not done Top Of The Pops for 9 years and I didn't much enjoy the last few I did. I used to do it years and years and years ago with Kid Jensen, who's a man I like very much indeed anyway, and we had a thoroughly good time doing it: it was most amusing for us, anyway, if not for anybody else. 'But I thought, well, I'll give it a go again, the children will quite enjoy it. I said to our Flossie, who watches Top Of The Pops, "Do you want to come with me?", and she said, "Oh, do I have to, Dad?" (traditional response)...I was a bit surprised that they'd asked me, really, because I'm not a vision of physical loveliness these days, and I'd be about three times the age of everybody else who was on the programme. But he said, "I'll make sure there's some things on the programme that you'll like." So I agreed to do it, and obviously you don't know who's going to be on it until a few days beforehand: and there's absolutely nobody on it that I like at all! In fact, there were several people that I've met and rather dislike: Mick Hucknall out of Simply Red, who I had a row with many years ago, and whom I've disliked intensely ever since, and Bjork, who I was once introduced to...and she just without a word turned around, walked to the other end of the room, and stood staring out of the window! and I thought, "That's a bit rude." And then there were other people like Boyzone and Everything But The Girl, things which you can take or leave. It was most odd. 'But I did the programme and I hated it, to be honest. I mean, it was very stressful, 'cos the technology has changed a lot, and you've got these high-speed cameras whizzing about all over the place, and I kept forgetting to look. You're supposed to look. All cameras used to have a little red light just on top of the camera, and you'd look below that, and you were looking at the lens. These ones, which I hadn't sort of realised, have the little red lights about six inches to the left so I looked at that and I looked at the people who were watching as though I'd got a squint, so they'd stop everything and say, "John, can you remember to try and look at the lens?" And they'd have to back up two or three numbers because it's done so quickly and so cleverly that they have to go and get Boyzone back out of their dressing room, and "He's made a mess of the link again, lads! Sorry, you'll have to put your make-up on and come back up again and get on those stage clothes and stuff," and it was a disaster from that point of view.')
  • 29 December 1995: John's daughter Flossie reads out the numbers from 36 to 33 and then absents herself.
  • 30 December 1995: After a brief flirtation reading out the numbers in the middle of the previous show, JP's daughter Flossie reads them out again for the top 5 tracks. (JP: 'I was going to get our Flossie to come in and do the numbers from 10 to 1, but she's found something she prefers on television. Absolutely typical.') '(JP: 'Because we're now onto the top 5, Flossie has deigned to reappear again.') (JP: 'This year. we took our Flossie to the Glastonbury Festival for the first time, and what was the highlight of the Glastonbury Festival for you, Floss?' Flossie: 'Watching Elastica and Pulp.' JP: 'Exactly.')
  • 17 February 1996: Peel plays the second of the Bluetones called The Fountainhead, dedicated to Flossie.
  • 21 December 1996: Super Furry Animals, 'God Show Me Magic (CD-Fuzzy Logic)' (Creation) (JP: 'Thanks to my daughter Flossie for lending me her copy of the LP 'Fuzzy Logic' so that I could play that to you. Also thanks to Flossie and the Pig for putting the Festive Fifty together this year: they did all of the voting, sorted out all of the votes, added up all of the scores and so forth, and have come up with the results which I'm now about to display to you. A quarter of them this evening, and then another quarter tomorrow night between 8 and 10, and then the same next weekend. It'll all be terrifically exciting.')
  • 21 December 1996: (JP: 'At number 38, another record borrowed from our Flossie's collection.') Ash, 'Oh Yeah (CD-1977)'(Infectious)
  • 05 May 1997: (JP relates story of Melanie singing at the end of his bed when he had jaundice. Flossie then plays a Melanie LP at the wrong speed. JP: "It's in the genes.")
  • 22 October 1997: Peel mentions that he was shocked that all his Nirvana LP's disappeared from his record collection, until his daughter Flossie lent him her copy of Nirvana's Bleach album.
  • 23 December 1997: (JP: 'My daughter Flossie's rather keen on this, and shockingly all of my children's favourite records of the year will be coming up later in the programme as well. Grotesquely self-indulgent, I'd say.')
  • 23 December 1997: Stony Sleep: 'She Had Me (Compilation CD-Past, Present, Future)' (Big Cat UK) Florence Ravenscroft (DJ's daughter)
  • 08 January 1998 (BFBS): DJ Vadim: 'Conquest Of The Irrational (12")' (Ninja Tune) a wrong speed moment)(JP: 'I want you to know that, while that record was playing, I was getting the next record ready and broke my fingernail in the process. And yet, I carry on with the programme: it's a very British thing to do, I think. They get so brittle at this time of year, I find. And because that was a 4'45" long record, I was able to go to what is called in our house Daddy's Room, which is the room in which I do the bulk of my work, and when I got in there, Flossie, 15, was in there looking through my stuff. And she just looked up at me when I went in and said, "Get out of my room!" I just thought to meself, I'd love to have been able to speak to my dad like that.')
  • 23 November 1998 (BFBS): (JP: 'Tonight actually, when I go into London to do my programmes for the BBC, we've got a session from R.E.M.. They're not a band whose records I play a lot, but you know when they come up on the radio I quite like 'em, and I saw them on television the other day and they looked really good, and our Flossie's always been really keen on them, and they are of course one of the best-selling bands on the planet. They actually got in touch with us and said, "We'd really like to do a Peel session," so I'm quite knocked out with that.')
  • 03 December 1998: (JP: 'This is the life, eh? Our Flossie's brought round glasses of red wine to the toiling field hands, and pizza is in the oven, the dogs are curled up at my fet. At least, they're not but would be if I wanted them to be.')
  • 29 December 1998: (JP: 'I'll paint a sort of portrait now of what goes on in the course of these programmes when they're done from here at home. You'd imagine of course that all my family would be gathered around, you know, willing daddy onwards and thinking, "What a great man he is", "isn't it wonderful that you can do these programmes from home?" They're all watching TV in another room, just a few steps away, and Flossie and some of her unsuitable mates are out in a shed in the garden-god alone knows what they're up to. But by and large, apart from Anita the producer, who's walking backwards and forwards in a rather neurotic manner behind me, looking at watches, not much goes on here other than my playing you records.')
  • 30 March 1999: Delightful reference to his daughter Florence continuing to astound him at every turn, most recently by singing Toussaint McCall around the house.
  • 09 April 1999 (BBC World Service): Peel is impressed that his daughter Florence sang the whole song of Toussaint McCall's ‎Nothing Takes The Place Of You, whilst she was in the kitchen.
  • 08 June 1999: The start of the show appears to come slightly earlier than expected by Peel, who comments that he’ll be getting eight minutes more than planned. Happily, the first record is already cued up - Cuban Boys’ reaction to hearing Flossie’s alarm clock going off on the JP show. In fact, there's a slight "Flossie" theme for the evening, with Flossie & The Unicorns also in session.
  • June 1999 (FSK): Peel mentions his son William buying a Japanese alarm clock from his trip to Japan for his sister Florence. He goes on to say that he played it on the radio and the Cuban Boys sampled it and used it on their track called Flossie's Alarming Clock, which he plays on the show.
  • 08 July 1999: Live from Peel Acres, with Flossie on the emails.
  • 11 August 1999: The solar eclipse was a disappointment in London, but not for Flossie in Cornwall.
  • 15 August 1999 (BFBS): Peel says his daughter Flossie has gone down to Cornwall to see the eclipse tomorrow (The date would have been 11th August 1999 and Peel admitted his BFBS shows are pre-recorded)
  • 24 August 1999: John's PC (and six months of Flossie's coursework) has been wiped by a virus. "It's one of those things, you think, some needledick in the United States feels that it's pretty cool to wipe out Flossie's coursework, and you think, What is the point of that? I'd like to get my hands on that little bastard."
  • 15 December 1999: (JP: '(In 1985) the soap opera Eastenders started on BBC1. I've never watched a complete episode of Eastenders in all of my life, I have to say. I don't say that with any pride at all: it's that I'm always doing other stuff. But you do miss out. People make all these cultural references: you watch something like The Big Breakfast, and it's all full of references to Eastenders, and people come and talk to you. I don't know who these people are. Anita does this all the time: (she)'ll come in and start talking to our Flossie about these people, and I'll say, "These are not real people you're talking about, are they?," and they say, "Oh no," and just keep carrying on talking about them as though they live next door. It drives you nuts.')
  • 29 December 1999: (JP: 'Well, one unpleasant surprise is that our Flossie was supposed to be back from the pub in time to do the emails for us, but there's no sign of her. But we've got the Peelenium for 1991, and as Lammo's just pointed out, the Festive Fifty runs from number 16 to number one. First, this is...')
  • 19 February 2000 (BFBS): (JP: 'Just reading in the paper, before I started recording this programme, about how the Beckhams, Becks and Posh, are being harassed by some woman, and for once I actually had some sympathy for them (although there are times when I'd quite like to harass Beckham meself actually, with a blunt instrument). I do occasionally get that sort of thing meself. Sometimes they can be very scary. There's a woman: she's not after me specifically, as you might imagine (she's not that diseased), but she's after people that she assumes that I know, which involves almost everybody in showbiz, and I think at the moment it's Paul McCartney that's the focus of her attention, and she keeps sending me great bags full of stuff at where I work in London just full of junk really, stuff that she wants me to pass on to Paul. Obviously I don't know Paul McCartney at all, really, and certainly got no prospect of regularly seeing him to hand over these bags of junk. There's a department in the BBC whose responsibility it is to send these things back to people with a note, "Thank you so very much indeed for your polite enquiry," the very BBC kind of approach to these things instead of just chucking them in the bin. There've been a couple of times when I've kept things that she sent for Paul, I have to be honest. There was a Latin dictionary, and at the time our Flossie was mildly interested in Latin, so I kept that: it would have been sold for 10p, so it didn't seem entirely unreasonable, and I think there was a pencil sharpener....but by and large they just send all of the stuff back to her again. But she's now started not just leaving the stuff but phoning up to ascertain whether or not it had been delivered to Paul. Obviously it hasn't, and the person who answers the phone, who is a woman, says, "Well, we looked through it and we weren't quite sure what to do, so we are sending it back to you," and she's now started screaming over the phone: she obviously assumes that all women other than herself are lesbians, and she says she doesn't want lesbians touching all of the valuable stuff that she has sorted out to send to Paul. I'll let you know how this one develops anyway, because it is quite interesting.')
  • 02 March 2000: Show is from Peel Acres, with Flossie on email duty.
  • 23 March 2000: The show comes live from Peel Acres, with "the Pig on intermittent light refreshments, Anita the producer, Flossie on emails.
  • April 2000 (FSK): Peel mentions Florence's boyfriend Chris got punched in the eye by a woman with no reason last night in Stowmarket.
  • 06 April 2000: There seem to be a lot of listeners who claim to have gone to school with John's daughter Flossie.
  • 25 February 2001 (BBC World Service): Peel mentions his daughter, Florence, is filing CDs in Peel Acres.
  • 07 March 2001: (JP: 'When I introduced that I went 'the swimmer... the swimmer'. And Flossie last week asked me before she went away on holiday, she said 'why do you do that dad, sometimes? It's really irritating.' I suppose I owe you an explanation. Years and years ago on Radio 4 they used to have a programme called '20 Questions' and whatever the object was, was revealed to the listeners by a mystery voice, which would kind of go - obviously couldn't be heard in the studio - but would just go (pause) 'the swimmer... the swimmer' like that. So if I forget myself and do it again, that's the reason why and I apologise in advance.')
  • 09 May 2001: Peel says his daughter Flossie is touring the Mediterranean region and is at the moment in Greece. He goes on to say that when she was in Italy, she cut her head due to walking into a metal sign which ironically read hospital.
  • 05 July 2001: Flossie arrives home halfway through the programme, having been to Ipswich to see Belle & Sebastian.
  • 31 July 2001: The previous evening, John, Sheila, Thomas and Flossie had gone out for a meal in Bury St Edmunds and had purchased "a bottle of cheap house champagne to toast Walters because we felt that that's what he would have approved of our doing."
  • 23 August 2001: Peel disappointment that Tom and Flossie fail to bring any Elvis impersonators back from the local pub. Apparently there had been nine of them.
  • November 2001 (FSK): Peel mentions his daughter Florence rang and told him that she doesn't want him to come to her university (it turns out she went to Liverpool University to study English) or let people know where she is studying. He goes on to say that it is kind of depressing and says she won't even go to the village pub with him in case the wrong people see her. Peel then says the time will come when he'll be dead and she'll regret it.
  • 30 April 2002: Paragons: Florence. Dedicates the song he knows called Florence to his daughter, who is no longer a teenager. Says if anyone tells him of others he’ll save them up for next year – “when she again won’t be listening.”
  • 08 October 2002: (JP: 'Our Flossie's at university...she won't be listening to her dad, I suspect.')
  • 22 October 2002: John dedicates the Vaults track to Flossie, in the unlikely event that she's listening to the programme.
  • 04 December 2002: (JP: 'A rather tense evening actually in our family because obviously I'm here in London doing the programme...but the Pig and Flossie and Alexandra, our daughters are at Anfield, where, at the moment anyway, they're playing extra time after Ipswich have held Liverpool to a 1-1 draw, and Ipswich scored first, too. I mean (sounds rather choked) I've supported Liverpool since, I don't know, twelve, no, earlier than that, ten, something like that, and (pause) I just...I mustn't go on, I'll make meself upset. Anyway, should they be listening, which quite clearly they won't be, because they'll be watching the match, here's a tune for them.')
  • December 2002 (FSK): Peel mentions that his daughter Florence is going out with the guitarist of The Vaults.
  • January 2003 (FSK): Peel is in a subdued mood, as his daughter Florence has returned back to University after the Christmas holidays.
  • 22 January 2003: Peel mentions that Florence will be visiting Blackpool that weekend.
  • 26 August 2003: Peel says he has "a lot of time" for Kylie Minogue, as "she was very nice to our Flossie on a number of occasions".
  • 10 June 2004: JP mentions that daughter Flossie has just received her final exam results from Liverpool University and got a 2:1 in English.
  • 18 August 2004: (JP: 'Bit of a novelty tonight, no Pig's Big 78 but Flossie's Big 78 because she was available and her mum was on the phone. So this is Flossie's first Big 78')
  • 01 September 2004: Peel says that he regrets introducing Flossie to the magazine 'Record Collector' because she reads about valuable records and then goes to check if her dad owns a copy.
  • 23 September 2004: (JP: "Time now for the Pig's Big 78 but Shelia has actually gone to bed so tonight Flossie is standing in, so it's Flossie's Big 78... this is for our grandson Archie who is one tomorrow.") (JP: "Flossie rather worried because she sounds about twelve years old on the radio, not quite sure why that works out that way.")

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