From 30 October 1993 onwards, the Peel show occupied a slot from 4:30-7 pm on Saturday afternoons on Radio One, trimmed by 30 minutes a year later so it started at 5 pm. This allowed Peel to read out and comment on the afternoon's football results as they came in. In addition, guest reviewers were invited to phone in their own match reports of games they had just witnessed, including those below. (This list was compiled largely from Lorcan's Tracklistings Archive and also from the database of this site. Please add further details if known.)

1993-4 season

1994-5 season


  1. Message from RobF to the Peel Mailing List, with an explanation of the Prolapse/Kingstonian connection from a band member: Cherry Red sponsored Kingstonian, so we would get in for free and sit in the directors box, We followed their FA Cup run that season, Dover, Brighton and then sadly knocked out by Aylesbury of all people! After the Brighton game (1st round proper), there was an old chap in the bar, who said he'd been following them for 80 years and this was the happiest day of his life! The Aylesbury game actually made it onto A Question of Sport what happened next as the Aylesbury team did a duck dance in celebration, which may well have been one of the earliest mass novelty celebrations."
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