Frank Chickens - Fujiyama Mama

Frank Chickens - Fujiyama Mama

Fujiyama Mama

Frank Chickens are a female Japanese musical group based in London, who have performed songs mainly in English from 1982. Founder members of Frank Chickens were Kazuko Hohki and Kazumi Taguchi. Taguchi was later replaced by Atsuko Kamura and then Chika Nakagawa and others in the 1990s... (read more at Wikipedia)

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Peel was a strong supporter of the band during the 1980s, when they recorded six sessions and scored a Festive Fifty entry with the session version of 'Blue Canary'. On 17 July 1984, singer Kazuko Hohki made a memorable appearance live in the studio with Peel playing some Japanese records. The DJ also later played Hohki's work with Kahondo Style. After JP's death, 'Blue Canary' was included on the Peel tribute box set Kats Karavan.

Festive Fifty Entries


  • Six sessions. No known commercial release.

1. Recorded: 1983-05-16. First Broadcast: 30 May 1983. Repeated: ?

  • Tokyo Boogie / Sake Ballad / We Are Ninja / Woman In Harbour / Ufo

2. Recorded: 1983-09-28. First Broadcast: 05 October 1983. Repeated: 01 December 1983, 29 December 1983

  • Fujiyama Mama / Night Of Akasaka / Monster / Life Theatre / Shellfish Bamboo

3. Recorded: 1984-03-14. First Broadcast: 03 April 1984. Repeated: 31 May 1984, 18 December 1984, 14 October 1986

  • We Are Ninja / Blue Canary / Dream Theatre / Yellow Toast

4. Recorded: 1985-03-05. First Broadcast: 12 March 1985. Repeated:

  • China Night / Amy Rang / Japanese Rumba / Sake Ballad / Eightman

5. Recorded: 1986-08-05. First Broadcast: 18 August 1986. Repeated: 23 December 1986

  • Two Little Ladies / We Say You Say / Japanese Girls / Sacred Marriage / Chicken Ondo

6. Recorded: 1989-06-25. First Broadcast: 10 July 1989. Repeated: 15 August 1989.

  • Jackie Chan / Want To See You Again / Carmen 77 / Do The Karaoke

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Other Shows Played

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Frank Chickens
Kazuko Hohki
  • 13 May 1987: Harley Davidson (10" LP- Kazuko Hohki Chante Brigitte Bardot) Chabada
  • 17 July 1984: Kazuko Hohki in the studio with Peel playing a selection of Japanese records

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