Frank Freeman

The Frank Freeman's Dancing School in Kidderminster was run by a couple in their 60's, Frank Freeman and his wife Wynn specialised in ballroom dancing but needed to supplement their income, so started holding Sunday night sessions for up and coming bands. On 30 April 1964 The Crestas performed - it was the first live rock 'n' roll band to play there. Bigger acts followed including Marc Bolan. By the 90's, the club closed and is now a French restaurant. Frank Freeman died in 1991 after collapsing at the club and Mrs Freeman died in 2008. [1]

Links to Peel

Peel invited bands to the club during the late 60's and one occasion mentioned Frank and his wife making cups of tea and sandwiches for Captain Beefheart. Since the closing of the club, all that remains to mark the place where seminal bands of the 60s and 70s cut their teeth is a plaque erected by Kidderminster Civic Society. Also surviving is a note written by John Peel: "To Mr Freeman. It is good that you have this place of people to come, listen and dance. Thank you, John Peel x." [2]

Peel at Frank Freeman's Dancing School

  • April 14: Tyrannosaurus Rex, with Doctor K's Blues Band, Junior Eyes [1]
  • May 19: Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band [2]
  • October 6 : Tea And Symphony, Jo-Ann Kelly [3]
  • October 20: Eclection [4]



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