BE GOOD TO YOURSELF - FRANKIE MILLER (BBC Sight and Sound in Concert 1978)

BE GOOD TO YOURSELF - FRANKIE MILLER (BBC Sight and Sound in Concert 1978)

Be Good To Yourself - 1978 In Concert (Sight & Sound)

Frankie Miller (born Francis John Miller, 2 November 1949, Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland) is a Scottish rock singer-songwriter, who had his biggest success in the 1970s. Miller was raised at Colvend Street, Glasgow ... (read more at Wikipedia)

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"Undoubtedly one of the great white soul voices." (JP, 11 December 2003)

In the 1970s, Frankie Miller was a particular favourite of Peel, and did five sessions for the DJ's shows. The first of these included a version of Peel's favourite Bob Dylan song, "It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry". Miller's record company had enough faith in the singer to fly him to New Orleans, where he recorded his High Life LP at the studio of producer Allen Toussaint, and in 1976, Frankie Miller recorded Toussaint's "Brickyard Blues" for a Peel session. Peel predicted great things for the artist in the mid to late seventies, as is perhaps best evidenced on the end of year show 1977 when he plays the same track ("Be Good To Yourself") twice in the space of fifteen minutes.

In 2003, Miller returned to the Peel tracklistings when the DJ played a string of the singer's singles from the 1970s as a consequence of receiving a letter giving details of Miller's slow recovery to health following the brain haemorrhage he'd suffered in 1994.

Festive Fifty


1. Recorded: 1973-04-30. First broadcast: 03 May 1973. Repeated: 31 May 1973.

  • I'm Ready / It's All Over / It Takes A Lot To Laugh It Takes A Train To Cry / After All / Ann Eliza Jane (first broadcast 31 May 1973)

2. Recorded: 1976-06-10. First broadcast: 25 June 1976. Repeated: 30 December 1976

  • The Doodle Song / Ain't Got No Money / Sail Away / Brickyard Blues

3. Recorded: 1977-05-16. First broadcast: 23 May 1977. Repeated: 28 December 1977

  • Ain't Got No Money / Be Good To Yourself / Jealous Guy / Down The Honky Tonk

4. Recorded: 1977-05-16. First broadcast: 05 June 1978. Repeated: 07 July 1978

  • Have You Seen Me Lately Joan? / Good Time Love / Stubborn Kinda Fella / Breakaway

5. Recorded: 1979-04-19. First broadcast: 02 April 1979. Repeated: 01 May 1979. Credited to 'Frankie Miller and his band.'

  • Good To See You / A Woman To Love / Papa Don't Know / Is This Love? Falling In Love With You

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