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Gallon Drunk are an English alternative rock band formed in London in 1988. Their sound contains a variety of influences, from punk to blues and jazz, and is noted for its dark subject matter. The band formed in 1988 with an initial lineup of James Johnston (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Mike Delanian (bass), who by 1990 had recruited Nick Combe (drums).After debut single "Snakepit" the band signed to the Clawfist label, releasing the "Ruby" single in late 1990 (a cover of the song by New York band The Silver Apples).with Nick Combe on drums and Joe Byfield on maracas. The band released three singles in 1991, one of which ("Some Fool's Mess") was named 'Single of the Week' by the NME, by which point Combe had been replaced by Max Décharné. The band's debut album, You, the Night...and the Music, was released in 1992.

The following year they enjoyed popularity in the wake of their second album, the Mercury Prize-nominated From The Heart of Town, which saw the band sign to Sire Records and play venues in the U.S., such as the Hollywood Bowl and Madison Square Garden in New York, as a guest of Morrissey. During UK dates for From The Heart Of Town saxophonist/keyboard player Terry Edwards joined the band, having played previously as a session player on the album. Following the subsequent European and U.S. tours, both as headline, and also supporting PJ Harvey, drummer Max Décharné left the band (later fronting the Flaming Stars), to be replaced by Ian White in 1993, who remains a member of the band to the present.... (Read more

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James Johnston claimed JP was an influence on his decision to become a musician:

"I’d heard Bo Diddley’s “Mumblin” Guitar” on John Peel’s show, and that was a complete revelation for me." [1]

G is for..

G is for... Gallon Drunk

The band scored a top 20 entry in the 1991 Festive Fifty (announced 1993) with Some Fools Mess, and recorded one session which JP thought highly enough of to include it in his pick of the year programmes. He seems to have been particularly fond of their brooding cover of Dick Dale's Miserlou, playing it several times on its release as a B-side and calling it "just stupefying" and "surfing for the suicidal.". After his death, five albums from the band were found in his record collection and Edwards was interviewed as part of the project (see Record Collection: G). Peel said of them, "They don't sound like anyone else." [2], and Wikipedia claim Décharné was the last person to interview him. [3]

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1. Recorded: 1991-07-14. First broadcast: 01 September 1991. Repeated: 17 November 1991, 21 December 1991.

  • Ruby / Some Fools Mess / Drag 91 / Two Wings Mambo

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