I've been to loads and loads of gigs. Well, I stopped counting at about 27,500.
(John Peel, 31 March 1995)

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This page is intended as a foundation for listings of live music events with involvement from Peel, from working as a DJ, compere or announcer to gigs he attended and John Peel Roadshow events. Obviously, this is a fairly ambitious undertaking, but it is hoped that with as many sources as possible it will eventually be as comprehensive as it can be.

The format is being adjusted as the Gigography section expands and separate pages have been created for different years/decades, as above. These pages are also linked on the year pages in the Calendar section.

Listings are still at a preliminary stage. At present, listings are largely sourced from the International Times, Marmalade Skies, Songkick, UK Rock Festivals sites, as well as mentions on some shows for which recordings are available, and cover mainly the period from Peel's return to the UK in 1967 to his death in 2004. A page to cover the pre-1967 period is also listed.

Numbered links at the end of each listing are online references for the source of the information or give further details of the events themselves.

In some cases, advertising may have been inaccurate or scheduled events did not take place. For example, in late 1968 Peel suffered a serious case of jaundice and may not have been able to fulfilled all his bookings. If such information is known, this will be indicated.

Possible sources that are still largely untapped include mentions by the man himself in shows that have been circulated, original written sources including music press mentions and books (such as Margrave Of The Marshes and The Olivetti Chronicles), diaries and personal memories of other people who attended. If you can help expand this page, please feel free to jump in! If you have any questions, please use the Talk page you can access near the top of this page.

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