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"spring of 1967" UFO Club: Pink Floyd [2] [3]


29 Alexandra Palace, "14 Hour Technicolour Dream": Attended by Peel. Pink Floyd headlined the event [4]


23 UFO Club, 10.30 pm - Dawn; "Liverpool Love Festival - a busload of Liverpool 8". Adrian Henri, The Scaffold, Brian Patten, Mike Evans, The Squares, The Trip, Andy Roberts, Graham Laydon. "Poetry and music of the Liverpool scene". Peel attended this event during his shore leave from Radio London. He mentions this on the Perfumed Garden of July 12, criticising the UFO audience for their lukewarm response to the performers. [5]


7 UFO Club, Denny Laine; Pretty Things. Mentions visit to the weekly club[6] during previous week's shore leave on the Perfumed Garden of July 12, along with a visit to the Speakeasy in the company of Jeff Dexter; he met Jeff Beck there, he says, and obtained a copy of Beck's new single to play on his shows.

10 Rhodes Centre, Bishop's Stortford. JP (on shore leave) hosted the "Radio London Night", a weekly event at the venue between February and August 1967, although this was Peel's only apperance as host DJ. The Radio London website has listings of gigs at the venue, together with a newspaper clipping of Peel presenting an award to "popular Ipswich group, the Chalfont Movement", winners of the Radio London Beat Band Contest..

29 Alexandra Palace, "International Love-In": Pink Floyd, The Animals, Brian Auger Trinity with Julie Driscoll, Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Creation, Tomorrow, Blossom Toes, The Nervous System, Apostolic Intervention, Sam Gopal Dream, Ginger Johnson [7] [1]


26-28 Woburn Abbey, "Festival Of The Flower Children": Peel among the DJs. Small Faces, Move, Eric Burdon, Jeff Beck, Denny Laine, Alan Price Set, Zoot Money, Dantalian's Chariot, Marmalade, Tomorrow, The Gass, Tangerine Peel, Tiles Big Band, The Dream [8] Melody Maker's report states that Tony Hall "was compering throughout"[9] but those who attended recall other DJs being present.

31 Speakeasy, London: Cream, Frank Zappa (see Cream page)


(Unknown date): Saville Theatre: Peel DJs or comperes at the London theatre, which was used as a rock venue, with a series of Sunday concerts featuring leading bands of the time. These were promoted by NEMS Enterprises, the company founded by Beatles manager Brian Epstein who had leased the theatre in 1965 [2]

4 Middle Earth: "John Peel's (ex-Radio London) Perfumed Garden. Groovy records, latest West Coast and soul sounds and films." [10]

10 Marquee: "Sheppard Promotions Present ex-Radio London's John Peel in the Perfumed Garden Show with Shiva's Children and The Social Deviants."[11]

17 Marquee: "The Perfumed Garden opens its gates with Sheba's Children, The Social Deviants and the outstanding DJ John Peel." [12]

23 Middle Earth: Debut of two-piece Tyrannosaurus Rex on bill headed by Denny Laine's Electric String Band, The Picadilly Line [13]

24 Tiles Club: "John Peel's Perfumed Garden" - first of proposed weekly Sunday spot ("with supporting group"[3]), but club closes down after meeting of creditors on Tuesday 26 [14]

30 Middle Earth: "Turn on to The Fairport Convention and Dreamland Express, plus Herbal Mixture and John Peel [15] [16]


1 Middle Earth: The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Exploding Galaxy, Mabels Greer's Toyshop, The Kult [17] [18]

14 Middle Earth: Blossom Toes, Limousine, Dr. K's Blues Band (Julie Driscoll?) [19]

21 Middle Earth: Ginger Johnson's African Drum Band, Ultradelic Alchemists [20]

27 Middle Earth: The Nice, Eyes of Blues, Limousine, West Indian Steel Band [21]

29 Saville Theatre, London: Cream [22] (See also artist page)


1 Sibylla's: Family. Publicity appearance for industry audience: "150 of the most critical music men in the business: John and Cynthia Lennon, Graham Nash and Tony Hicks (Hollies), George and Pattie Harrison, Brian Jones, Hapshash and the Coloured Coat, The Heavy Metal Kids, and a good handful of top BBC producers not to mention the top DJ’s and special people like Leslie Caron and Viviane Ventura."[23]

3 Royal Festival Hall Al Stewart [24] [25]

6 Crayford Town Hall: London Borough of Bexley Folk Show. Incredible String Band. Also with the Perfumed Garden. Compere John Peel [26]

10 Middle Earth: Soft Machine, Zeus, Sensory Armada [27]

17 Middle Earth: Fairport Convention, Crystal Ship, Jacob's Ladder Construction Co. [28]

24 Middle Earth: The Pretty Things, Eyes Of Blue, Tyrannosaurus Rex [29] (alternative listing has Geranium Pond as third on the bill [30])

24/25: "A Flight to Lowlands Paradise", Margriethal, Utrecht, Holland: World Of Arthur Brown, The Deviants, Exploding Galaxy, Group 69, Blues Dimensions, Cuby & The Blizzards, Moez Moez, Gloria [31] [32]. Deviants singer Mick Farren discussed the upcoming gig with Peel in an interview on Dutch TV. (Note: the date of the festival partially clashes with above Middle Earth date, but appears Peel did attend)


1 Middle Earth: Electric Prunes, Eclection, Spell, Sensory Armada [33]

15 Middle Earth: Pink Floyd, Fusion Fluff [34]

20 Roundhouse [Vietnam Solidarity Campaign organised by Circus Alpha Centauri] "Kaleidoscope of Word Music": Country Joe and the Fish, Pete Brown and the Poetry Band, The Liverpool Scene, Tom Pickard and the Living Mythology. John Peel as Compere.[35] [36]

21 Roundhouse [Vietnam Solidarity Campaign organised by Circus Alpha Centauri] Country Joe and the Fish, Incredible String Band, Al Stewart and the Piccadilly Line, Jansch Renbourn - The Pentangle. [37]

22 "Christmas On Earth Continued", Kensington Olympia: Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Eric Burdon's Animals, Move, The Pink Floyd, Keith West & Tomorrow, Soft Machine, Graham Bond Organisation, Sam Gopal, Paper Blitz Tissue. (The Who apparently didn't show up) [38] [39]


  1. Peel mentions he will be attending the event during his Perfumed Garden show of 18 July (see full transcript). Clive Selwood states that Peel compared an "Alexandra Palace Festival" in 1967 with Pete Drummond, presumably this event rather than the 14 Hour Technicolour Dream (All The Moves (But None Of The Licks), p. 105
  2. In International Times (IT 19, 1967-10-05, p13), Peel starts a description of his not completely successful night working at Tiles on 1967-09-24 by writing, "Flushed with mini-successes at the Marquee and the Saville..." The three possibilities appear to be Aug 27, 1967-08-27 (Jimi Hendrix, but second show cancelled on night of Epstein's death), 1967-09-17 (Fleetwood Mac, same night as Marquee) or 1968-08-24 (Traffic, same night as Tiles show), although this leaves two free Sundays between Hendrix and Fleetwood Mac.[1]
  3. According to a Melody Maker: 1968 interview with Marc Bolan, in which he recalled the violence at the event, this was Tyrannosaurus Rex.