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6 Hull Arts Centre: John Peel Roadshow with Jo'burg Hawk [1]

7 Cleethorpes, Dreamland: John Peel Roadshow[2]

13 Sunderland, Locarno: Faces (often cited as among Peel's favourite gigs; for example, Margrave pg. 225) [4]) [5] [6] [7] [8]

27 Sunderland, Locarno: Status Quo, Good Habit [9] (and/or John Peel Roadshow date in Hull)[3]

28 Newcastle, City Hall: Captain Beefheart (possible)[4]


unknown date: Hull (mentioned on show of 21 June 1973)

25 Queen Elizabeth Hall, London: Mike Oldfield[5]


7 Rainbow, London: Dr. John, Allen Toussaint, the Meters. [10].Mentioned on show of 10 July 1973.

11 Bogart's, Birmingham; unknown (mentioned on show of 12 July 1973)

13 unknown: Blue (mentioned on show of 12 July 1973)

15 Great Western Express at White City. Edgar Winter Band, Sly and the Family Stone, Barclay James Harvest, Canned Heat, Lindisfarne, JSD Band; Special guest stars The Kinks. Your Hosts: John Peel, Jerry Floyd, Bill Barclay. [11] [12] [13]

21 Buxton "Pop" Festival at Booth Farm, near Buxton, Derbyshire. Chuck Berry, Wizzard, Groundhogs, Nazareth, Canned Heat, Medicine Head, Edgar Broughton Band. This may be the "unspeakable" festival, marked by Chuck Berry's non-appearance, that he describes on pp.55-58 of Margrave of the Marshes - although he believed it took place in 1969. [14] [15] [16] [17]

23 or 24 Rainbow, London: Van Morrison [18]


Exact date(s) unknown: Alexandra Palace, London Music Festival: Appears to have been a series of gigs at the Ally Pally early in the month, with those appearing including Incredible String Band and Steeleye Span (both 1 Aug), Black Sabbath (2 Aug), Alvin Lee & Ten Years After (3 Aug), Manfred Mann’s Earth Band (5 Aug)l. The band Fumble played a ten-day residency. Peel seems to have been booked to compere, but whether this was for all or some of the gigs is currently unknown. [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24]

8 Chelsea Village, Bournemouth: John Peel Roadshow, with Phillip Goodhand Tait [25] [26]

25 Reading, 12th National Jazz, Blues and Rock Festival: JP hosts second day of three-day event, with The Faces, Jon Hiseman's Tempest, Caravan, Jack The Lad, Fumble, Andy Bown, Tasavallan Presidentii (Finland), Strider, Claire Hamill, Riff-Raff, Quadrille, Dave Ellis. Special guest stars Status Quo and Lindisfarne [27] [28]


29 Plymouth Polytechnic: John Peel Roadshow [29]


5 Derby College Of Further Education: John Peel Roadshow [30]


2 Weybridge: unknown venue: John Peel Roadshow [31]

9 Stroud Girls' High School; unknown (mentioned on show of 08 November 1973)


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  2. Disc & Music Echo column 1973-04-14, republished in The Olivetti Chronicles (p. 260-2).
  3. Peel's Disc & Music Echo column 1973-05-12, republished in The Olivetti Chronicles (p. 141-2), gives a roadshow date in Hull the night before Liverpool clinched the championship at Anfield that season, in a match that took place the following day, as shown here and [1]. If the Quo concert in Sunderland and the Hull date were at different times on the Friday evening, Peel may have done both gigs.
  4. In his 24 July 2003 (Radio Eins) show, Peel recalls hearing the Magic Band perform 'Circumstances' in Newcastle. As the track is from Clear Spot, released in October 1972 [2], 1973-04-28 appears the most likely date for the Beefheart gig mentioned, particularly if Peel had introduced a Status Quo qig in nearby Sunderland the previous evening, at another concert promoted by his friend Geoff Docherty (A Promoter's Tale, pg.245). On the other hand, in the afternoon of the Beefheart appearance in Newcastle, Liverpool won the league at Anfield and Peel claimed to have been there in his Disc & Music Echo column of 1973-05-12, republished in The Olivetti Chronicles (p. 141-2). While it would certainly be possible to travel between the two northern cities in a few hours, it seems unlikely Peel would have failed to mention in his column the perfect end to a perfect day (LFC win the league, followed by a Beefheart gig in the evening). Beefheart's next date in Newcastle was 1974-06-04 ([3]), which may have been the performance referred to by Peel in 2003.
  5. Peel writes about the upcoming gig in The Listener, issue 1973-06-07, republished in The Olivetti Chronicles (p. 311-3). Although he doesn't confirm he will be attending in person, he writes about the event in such glowing terms that it appears unlikely he wasn't planning to go.