Girls At Our Best! were a British post-punk band, founded in Leeds, England in 1979 under the name The Butterflies. They had several UK Independent Singles Chart hits during their three-year existence.

The group initially consisted of vocalist Judy "Jo" Evans, guitarist James "Jez" Alan, bassist Gerard "Terry" Swift and drummer Chris Oldroyd. They took their new name from a line in their track "Warm Girls", released as the B-side to their self-financed 1980 debut single "Getting Nowhere Fast". The single, released in April 1980 on their own Record Records, reached No. 9 on the UK Indie Chart.

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  • The band's catchy tunes and Evans' lively vocals evidently found favour with Peel as he played their music freely, particularly their first two singles "Getting Nowhere Fast" and "Politics".
  • They never made the Festive Fifty but "Getting Nowhere Fast" was later covered by The Wedding Present and reached No.31 in 1987.
  • After playing a track by the band on his 30 March 1981 show, Peel mentioned attending a "most enjoyable" gig by them in Scarborough and added "Judy did dedicate a song to the bald-headed man standing at the back, but I can scarcely believe that was intended for me".

Festive Fifty Entries

  • None


Girls At Our Best! - Peel Session 1981-0

Girls At Our Best! - Peel Session 1981-0

One session only. Released as The Peel Sessions (12", Strange Fruit, 1987).

1. Recorded 1981-02-17. First broadcast 23 February 1981. Repeated 21 May 1981, 12 August 1981, 02 September 1986.

  • China Blue / This Train / Getting Beautiful/Warm Gold/Fast From Nowhere

Other Shows Played

Girls At Our Best - "Going Nowhere Fast" (UK, 1980)

Girls At Our Best - "Going Nowhere Fast" (UK, 1980)

  • 07 April 1987: Fast Boyfriends (v/a LP - Seeds I : Pop) Cherry Red (Peel plays a track from Girls At Our Best, who did the original version of the Wedding Present's session track Getting Nowhere Fast.)
  • 19 May 1987: Goodbye To That Jazz (LP - Pleasure) Happy Birthday
  • 12 June 1987 (BFBS): Getting Beautiful Warm Gold Fast From Nowhere (12"-The Peel Session) (Strange Fruit)
  • 22 June 1987: Getting Beautiful Warm Gold Fast From Nowhere (12" - The Peel Sessions) Strange Fruit


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