God Is My Co Pilot - Peel Session 1993

God Is My Co Pilot - Peel Session 1993

Peel session #1, first broadcast 09 July 1993.

God Is My Co-Pilot are a queercore band from New York City that have been recording and playing music since 1991. The two main members are vocalist Sharon Topper and guitarist Craig Flanagin. The band is extremely prolific: all of their many recordings have been released on independent record labels. Former members include Fly on high-end bass, Daria Klotz on low-end bass, and Fredrik Haake on drums. Guest musicians, such as John Zorn and Jad Fair, are frequently found playing with the band. They have toured with Melt Banana and released Chan Marshall's first single, "Headlights," on their own Making Of Americans label. They occasionally sing in languages other than English: some of their output has been in French, Yiddish, German, Finnish and Turkish and other languages. The band's lyrics frequently address sexuality and gender. In their song ‘We Signify’', the band states: "We're co-opting rock, the language of sexism, to address gender identity on its own terms of complexity."[1] Their sound has been described as experimental, noise rock, hardcore punk and avant jazz. Stay Free zine said of the music, "We hear a new sound, 'free punk' we'll call it."[2] (Read more at Wikipedia.)

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Four sessions. #1, #2 and #3 released on The Peel Sessions CD, 1996 (Strange Fruit SFRSCD004).

1. Recorded 1993-06-03. 09 July 1993. Repeated 10 December 1993.

  • Pulled Up To Park / Kurdish List Laulu / 55 151 / 2 Meats / Katrussja / Lead With Your Chin

2. Recorded 1994-04-19. First broadcast 27 May 1994. Repeated

  • Kiss & Tell / Boris / Disco By Night / Quinie Q

3. Recorded 1995-04-18. First broadcast 26 May 1995. Repeated

  • Boxstitch / Moleskin / U Doet Me Pijn / I Love My Love With An F / Code And Submit

4. Recorded: 1997-04-22. First broadcast 14 May 1997. Repeated

  • Menarche / Dymastica / Far More Attractive / Monkeys / Kleines Eisstuck

Other Shows Played

(The list below was compiled only from the database of this site and Lorcan's Tracklistings Archive. Please add more information if known.)

  • 29 May 1992: I’m Not The One (7 inch – On A Wing & A Prayer) Funky Mushroom
  • 30 May 1992: Pussybox (EP - On A Wing And A Prayer) Funky Mushroom
  • 05 June 1992: Angels In The Air (CD-I Am Not This Body)
  • 06 June 1992: Heaven (album - I Am Not This Body) The Making Of Americans
  • 14 June 1992 (BFBS): Angels In The Air (CD - I Am Not This Body)
  • 20 June 1992: 2 Meats Beat As One (CD, Album: I Am Not This Body) Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier
  • 26 June 1992: Crushing A Girl (album - I Am Not This Body) The Making Of Americans MA 04
  • (1992, unknown date) Best Of Peel Vol 49: Said & Done (CD-I Am Not This Body) The Making Of Americans)
  • 06 July 1992 (Ö3): Almost Not (7"-On A Wing & A Prayer) Funky Mushroom
  • (1992, unknown date) Best Of Peel Vol 54: Submissive (7" - Gender Is As Gender Does) Funky Mushroom
  • 23 October 1992: If I Were Theresa (7"-How I Got Over EP) Ajax
  • 24 October 1992: Submissive (7" EP-Gender Is As Gender Does) Funky Mushroom
  • 31 October 1992: Handsome Molly (7" EP - Gender Is As Gender Does) Funky Mushroom
  • 14 November 1992: What's Natural (7" - How I Got Over) Ajax
  • 05 December 1992: I'm Not The One (7"-On A Wing & A Prayer) Funky Mushroom (JP: "I got a letter actually from one of the members of the band to say that they are hoping to come to Europe at the beginning of next year and to ask if I would be interested in doing a session with them, which I certainly would and I’ll let them know.")

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