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Grimsby is a large town and port in Lincolnshire, on the south bank of the Humber estuary. In the UK census of 2001, the town had a population of 87,574 [1].

Links To Peel

"Obviously things have changed a lot in Grimsby since I was last there, when I walked into a fisherman's pub and made the mistake of asking for a glass of red wine. This was in a place where anybody who asked for something like a pint of brown and mild was regarded as being effeminate and got beaten up and I only just escaped with my life." (15 November 1979)

"I have actually been to Grimsby, on a number of occasions. Once - this is something which I've mentioned on the programme previously - but the John Peel roadshow - not a spectacular kind of bit of business, but nevertheless it was just me and a box of records that nobody liked very much except me. I'd done a gig in Cleethorpes and afterwards the promoter took me to a fishermen's pub in Grimsby for a drink. When I walked in he said, "well John, what would you like to drink?" and I said, "well, a glass of red wine". Of course everybody was standing there with pints of beer or sitting there with pints of beer. Nobody had ever asked for red wine in the whole history of the pub or possibly of Grimsby up to that moment, and I thought I was lucky to get away with my life." (27 January 2004)

Peel also visited the town in late 1997 during the making of the series Sounds Of The Suburbs for Channel 4.[1]

Mentioned On Shows

  • 30 October 1979: Comments on Everton losing 2-1 away to Grimsby Town in the Fourth Round of the League Cup.
  • 09 October 2001: Grimsby Town knock holders Liverpool out of the Worthington (League) Cup with a 2-1 victory at Anfield. Peel is disgusted.

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