HDQ (Hanged, Drawn and Quartered) are a British hardcore punk band from Hendon, Sunderland, formed in the mid 80's. After numerous tours and the release of three albums, two Peel Sessions, plus seven inch and twelve inch singles, 75% of the band went on with Frankie Stubbs to form Leatherface. The band reformed in the 2010's and have not released any new material since that period.

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Peel first started playing the group in 1988 and would continue support them via airplays and sessions for his programmes. By the time the 90's appeared, three quarters of the band went on to form Leatherface, a group that Peel also played tracks from.


HDQ John Peel 2nd June 1988

HDQ John Peel 2nd June 1988

1. Recorded: 1988-06-02. Broadcast: 15 June 1988. Repeated: 19 July 1988

  • Through My Eyes / Those Remembered Times / Believe / Have Faith

2. Recorded: 1989-01-17. Broadcast: 06 February 1989. Repeated: 03 April 1989

  • Leaving Home / Just When I Thought If Only / Sinking / All We Knew

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