Happy Flowers was an American musical group, formed in Charlottesville, Virginia, United States, in 1983 by two members of the Landlords, John Beers ("Mr. Horribly Charred Infant", drums, vocals) and Charlie Kramer ("Mr. Anus", guitar, vocals), both students at the University of Virginia. The duo combined improvisational noise punk guitar and drums with lyrics often written in the first person from the perspective of a child, with childlike intonation and grammar.The band split after their 1990 Lasterday I Was Been Bad album but have reunited on some occasions for tours, the last in 2006.

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Peel discovered the band through the Homestead label and would often play tracks from the group, where he also invited the ensemble to perform a session for his show, which they did in June 1990. While on holiday in Provence, France, Peel mentioned on his 20 August 1990 show that he played his family the Happy Flowers Lasterday I Was Been Bad LP, however, despite being interested, they didn't have the same enthusiasm as him and never asked to play it again.


HAPPY FLOWERS John Peel 28th April 1990

HAPPY FLOWERS John Peel 28th April 1990

The session is available on the Peel Session EP (7", 1991, Homestead)

1. Recorded: 1990-06-28. Broadcast: 11 July 1990. Repeated: 11 September 1990

  • My Head's On Fire / Mom And Dad Like The Baby More Than Me / Ruckwerts Essen Vetzt / I Dropped My Ice Cream Cone / These Peas Are So Green

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Happy Flowers - Oof LP -full-

Happy Flowers - Oof LP -full-


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