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The Hats were a British alternative band formed in East London in 1978 who split in 1980. The Hats (originally starting out as Fastblood) consisted of Ronny Moy (voice & electronics), Brian Sharp (guitar & voice), Ian Runeckles (guitar), Michael Dunne (bass guitar), Jak Hoser (drums) & Siobhan Dunne (occasional vocals). The group only produced one single before disbanding.

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Peel played their only single, No Time Is Good Time, on his 27 May 1980 show, where he played A-Z of independent releases, selected from the backlog of unplayed records. The alphabetical rundown ended at N and Peel apologised at the end to Bill Nelson, whose record would have been the next one played.

Shows Played

THE HATS - No Time Is Good Time

THE HATS - No Time Is Good Time

  • 27 May 1980: No Time Is Good Time (7") Deadly Boring Records

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