Hej Hej

Hemliga Byrån (English: Secret Office) was a Swedish synthpop group founded in the 80's comprising of Swedish writers Anders Jacobsson and Sören Olsson, both cousins, who have written books of children's literature and young adult fiction. They have also written scripts of several Swedish television series. An album and several singles were released in Sweden and their music was mainly aimed for children.

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Peel bought a record of Hemliga Byrån, whilst travelling in Sweden during his road trip to the country in April 1987. He would play their Swedish hit, Hej Hej Hemskt Mycket Hej, on his shows after coming back from the country. No other record from the group is known to be played by Peel.

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Hej Hej Hemskt Mycket HEJ - Hemliga Byrån

Hej Hej Hemskt Mycket HEJ - Hemliga Byrån


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