Here were a shoegazing band from the Czech Republic, consisting of Kateřina Crhonková (vocals), Tomáš Luska (guitar), Zdeněk Marek (guitar), Pavel Koutný (bass) and Martin Pecka (drums). A guest vocialist named Míša Klímková performed on their early material. They made three shoegazing albums before moving into a leftfield experimental sound.

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Peel first heard the band in 1993 through the Indies record label who were based in the Czech Republic. The group were often played on his shows and were invited to perform at Maida Vale for the Peel Session in November 1993. Here became the second Czech band after Ecstasy Of Saint Theresa to do a Peel Session.


  1. Recorded: 1993-11-09. Broadcast: 18 December 1993. Their only session is available on Sikusaq - John Peel Session (CD, EP, Alison Records, 1995)
  • Hold On / Tingling / Nothing To Say

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Here - Scars in Days

Here - Scars in Days


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