Hi Fi Bros

Hi-Fi Bros were a post-punk group from Bologna, Italy formed around 1980. Its core members were real life brothers Fabio and Marco Fabioni. For their first EP 'I Fratelli Hi Fi' (1981) they collaborated with Arto Lindsay, formerly of New York group DNA. The outfit moved on to a more dance orientated italo-disco sound on later releases.

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Peel played the two cover versions featured on their first EP, namely 'Magic Moment' and 'Stranger in the Night' (both rendered in the singular as opposed to the originals). Before playing the former on 26 April 1982 he explained "There's nothing I like more than hearing a nice old song done to death and here's a fine example of that". On 29 April 1982 he recommended the EP "without reservation".


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Hi-Fi Bros - Stranger In The Night

Hi-Fi Bros - Stranger In The Night

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