(This page refers to High Fidelity and the singer Sean Dickson, who performed High Fidelity songs for Peel's show sometimes under his own name.)

The High Fidelity were an indie experimental dance-pop band, formed in 1995 by Sean Dickson, formerly of The Soup Dragons. Dickson started the group when High Times magazine asked him to record a track for a cannabis-themed covers compilation album, Hempilation: Freedom Is NORML. Their debut album, Demonstration (2000), was recorded largely in Dickson's bedroom, with Adrian Barry (bass), Paul Dallaway (guitar) and Ross McFarlane (drums). The album was later augmented with a number of orchestral arrangements recorded in India. Their single "Luv Dup" reached #70 on the UK Singles Chart in July 1998. The group disbanded after 2001, when lead singer Sean Dickson decided to be a dance DJ under the name of HiFi Sean.

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The band recorded a number of sessions for John Peel's BBC Radio 1 show, introducing the use of the omnichord, a vintage synthesiser, with which they performed a number of songs including a version of "Silent Night". Peel shared the band's enthusiasm for the instrument, and when they gave him one as a 60th birthday present it led to Peel co-writing and performing on one of the tracks on the band's second long-player, 2001's The Omnichord Album - 'Pig Might Fly,' about his wife (Sheila Ravenscroft, whose nickname was the Pig, because her snort when laughing resembled the noise of a pig). Dickson also performed High Fidelity songs under his own name, like in 1998 and 2001, for sessions on Peel's show.

In 1999, Peel visited Sean Dickson and met his father in Scotland during the filming of the TV documentary Sounds Of The Suburbs: Lanarkshire. The High Fidelity track "Lazy B" subsequently appeared on the "John Peel's Sounds Of The Suburbs" double CD compilation.[1]


1. Recorded: 1998-03-17. Broadcast: 05 May 1998. Repeated: 15 October 1998

  • My Frequency / Whitey / Lazy B / Pelvic Rock

2. Recorded: Unknown. Broadcast: 02 December 1998 (under the name of Sean Dickson)

  • Cola Coca / Substitute / Commercial Suicide / Omnichord 4.AM

3. Recorded: 1999-12-08. Broadcast: 08 December 1999

  • Silent Night

4. Recorded: 2001-07-05. Broadcast: 05 July 2001 (under the name of Sean Dickson)

  • Scream If You Wanna Go Faster / Two Up Two Down / Electromale / Teenage Kicks / Omnichord 4.AM


Recorded in Glasgow Art School, in concert as part of Music Live: 1999-05-26. Broadcast: 26 May 1999

  1. 2 Up 1 Down
  2. The National Anthem
  3. I Thank U
  4. Devil Got A Shell Suit
  5. Luv Dup
  6. Oddysey Of A Psychonaut

Recorded in the Union Chapel, London: 2000-03-29. Broadcast: 29 March 2000

  1. Nyc
  2. Greeneye Monster
  3. The National Anthem
  4. Addicted To A TV
  5. Devil In A Shellsuit
  6. Unsorry
  7. I Thank U
  8. Luv Dup
  9. Oddysey Of A Psychonaut

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The High Fidelity - Luv Dup

The High Fidelity - Luv Dup

The High Fidelity - Pig might fly (featuring John Peel)

The High Fidelity - Pig might fly (featuring John Peel)




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