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The High Five were a band from Liverpool who recorded three sessions for the John Peel show on BBC Radio One in the early 1980s.

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High Five came to the attention of Peel as part of the vibrant Liverpool music scene of the early 1980s, releasing debut single 'Cold Steel Gang' on the city's Probe Plus label, later home to Peel favourites Half Man Half Biscuit. The first of the band's three sessions was repeated as a best of year selection at the end of 1982.

Founder member Phil Hayes had continuing ties with Peel as the driving force behind Liverpool's celebrated Picket venue, which the Merseyside DJ was happy to support.[1] During one visit to Peel Acres, Hayes was apparently asked by Peel to autograph his copy of the only High Five LP.[2]

After Peel’s death, Hayes and Peter Hooton of The Farm were responsible for organising the John Peel World Cup, an annual tribute five-a-side charity football tournament held from 2008 as part of Liverpool Sound City.[3]

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THE HIGH FIVE GROUP John Peel 23rd May 1983

Three sessions. No known commercial release.

1. Recorded 1982-09-11. First broadcast 06 October 1982. Repeated 30 December 1982.

  • If They Come In The Morning / The Curse Of Revolt / Turning / No Guarantee

2. Recorded 1983-05-23. First broadcast 06 June 1983.

  • Cold Steel Gang / On The Banks / Hand On My Heart / Big Village

3. Recorded 1984-03-03. First broadcast 12 March 1984.

  • 100 Tons / Walk Them Back / Working For The Man / Hard Line

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