• The High Level Ranters are a Northumbian traditional folk music and song group founded in 1964, best known for being one of the first bands in the revival of the Northumbrian smallpipes. With members Johnny Handle, Colin Ross, Tom Gilfellon, Alistair Anderson, Pete Wood and Jim Hall.

Festive Fifty Entries

  • None known.


  • 2 sessions. No known commercial release of sessions.

1. Recorded: 1972/04/10 at Playhouse Theatre, Northumberland Avenue, London. First broadcast: 18 April 1972 Repeated: 20 June 1972. Johnny Handle, Tom Gilfellow, Alistair Anderson, Colin Ross.

  • A Mile To Ride/Johnny Lay Up In The Hayloft  /  Plains Of Waterloo  /  High Level Bridge Hornpipe  /  Felton Lonnen  /  The Hens March/Broken-Legged Chicken/Black Cow Of Wickham  /  Gillan The Prover/Neil Gow’s Wife

2. Recorded: 1974-07-03 at BBC Newcastle Studio by Johnny Handle (Accordion, Pipes, Vocals), Colin Ross (Pipes, Jew's Harp), Alistair Anderson (Concertina), Tom Gilfellow (Guitar, Vocals). First broadcast: 18 July 1974. Repeated: Unknown

  • Fenwick Of Bywell / Marley Hill Ducks / Dance To Your Daddy / Hesleyside Reel

Other Shows Played

  • 03 July 1973: Niel Gow’s Wife (LP – A Mile To Ride) Trailer
  • 14 June 1973: The Dark Island/The Laird Drumblair/Angus Campbell (LP: A Mile To Ride) Trailer
  • 12 June 1973: A Mile To Ride (LP: A Mile To Ride) Trailer
  • 26 June 1973: Gillan The Drover (LP: A Mile To Ride) Trailer

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