John Peel - History Of Pop - Radio 4 July 1999

History of Pop was a programme on BBC Radio 4, it was a four-part series presented by John Peel with "the definitive history of carbonated water - drinks that have made millions and conquered the world."[1] The series aired from 27th July 1999 and was produced by Mark Palmer.

  • Part 1: History Pre-pop.
  • Part 2: The story of how pop was brought to the masses and how one Welsh Methodist used pop in the battle against the demon drink.
  • Part 3: The story of the battle for the palate of the British pop public that has raged through the century.
  • Part 4: Is Pop Good for You?

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  1. The title and concept was presumably a play on the word 'pop' which in common British English refers not only to 'popular music' but also carbonated soft drinks, cf. Am. English 'soda pop'. [1]
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