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Hixxy or DJ Hixxy (a.k.a. Ian Hicks, born 03 August 1975), is a British UK Hardcore and previously Happy Hardcore DJ and musician from Portsmouth, England. Hixxy is well known for his performances on the Bonkers compilation series. He also contributes to many Clubland CDs, including many Clubland X-Treme Hardcore compilations, and Hardcore Till I Die. He started off his DJ career with the song "Toytown" which was released in 1995. Some of his other songs include "More & More," "Forever Together," and "Sea of Love". His remix of "Sea of Love" is featured in the popular indie game Techno Kitten Adventure. Hixxy uses aliases on some of his records such as The Scanners, Jeremy Feeble and Yum-Yi. He also set up a UK hardcore label called Raver Baby in 2001, promoting acts such as Darren Styles and Breeze & Styles.

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As a fan of Happy Hardcore and later UK Hardcore, Peel was interested in many of its artists in this genre including Hixxy, who chatted to Peel on his show on 09 March 2004 and also performed a session for him on 17 March 2004.



John Peel's Hixxy in the Mix

Hixxy's Peel Session

The mix session is available on Various ‎– Hixxy Mix As Heard On The John Peel Show (CD, 2004, React)

  1. Hixxy - 'Just Accept it' (Hixxy Remix)
  2. UFO feat. Shelley - 'Waiting (12")' (Raver Baby)
  3. Scott Brown - 'This is How We Do It (12")' (Evolution)
  4. Yum Yi feat. Becky Judge - 'Tantric (12")' (Raver Baby)
  5. Darren Styles - 'Skydivin' (12")' (Raver Baby)
  6. Dougal And Gammer - 'Know The Score (12")' (Essential Platinum)
  7. Breeze And Styles - 'Electric (Bonkers Mix) (12")' (Raver Baby)
  8. Hixxy - 'C.O.N (12")' (Raver Baby)

Other Shows Played

  • 09 March 2004: Tantric (EP: Hixxy & Styles EP) White Label (Under the name of Yum-Yi. Peel also chats with Hixxy and DJ Sharkey)
  • 16 December 2004: 10 Minute Set

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