"I met her a couple of times: she scared me to death and she was only about 14." (10 November 1990 (BFBS))

Honey Bane

Honey Bane (born Donna Tracy Boylan, 4 November 1963, London) is an English singer and actress, possibly best known for her 1981 UK Top 40 single "Turn Me On Turn Me Off". She began her musical career at the age of 14 in 1978 when she formed the punk rock band the Fatal Microbes. The band released a split 12" record with anarcho-punk band Poison Girls the same year. The first single, "Violence Grows" garnered some press attention and was given positive reviews by the British music paper Sounds.

After the 1979 breakup of the Fatal Microbes, and a stint in a juvenile detention facility that garnered more press attention, Bane began a collaboration with Crass while she was on the run from the Social Services after serving a sentence at the St. Charles Youth Treatment Centre in Essex. Lending lead vocals and backed by the band under the name Donna & The Kebabs, Crass released the EP You Can Be You in 1979. It was the debut release on Crass' newly found label, Crass Records. The following year, Bane released her debut solo single, 'Guilty' and sang vocals for Killing Joke on "What's the Matter" during a February 1980 gig at London's Venue club. The recording was later released on a bootleg album, Killing Joke - Live At The Venue LP.

In 1980, she met Sham 69 vocalist Jimmy Pursey who began to manage her musical career. That year she was signed to EMI/Zonophone records for a five-year recording contract.

In 1981, Bane began collaborating with her then manager, Jimmy Pursey. The collaboration resulted in a new single, "Turn Me On Turn Me Off" which peaked in the UK Singles Chart at No. 37, and Bane subsequently appeared performing the single on Top of the Pops. "Turn Me On Turn Me Off" marked a musical departure of Bane from punk rock to a new wave sound. (read more on wikipedia)

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Peel first heard of Honey Bane when she was in the Fatal Microbes and on his 03 December 1979 show mentioned that she was looking to recruit a band for a tour. By the end of 1981, it seemed he lost interest in her music career and moved onto other artists.

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Honey Bane - Girl On The Run -Single- (1979)

Honey Bane - Girl On The Run -Single- (1979)

Honey Bane Turn Me On Turn Me Off TOTP YouTube

Honey Bane Turn Me On Turn Me Off TOTP YouTube


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