The Houseplants were an indie band from the 80s with Steve La Corte as vocalist, guitarist and songwriter; Bill Davidson (bass); and Fran Battaglia / Davy Blankenship (drums). Hailing from Toughkenamon, Pennsylvania, USA, they self-released a 7" EP titled S/T in 1988 which was played by Peel on an import he obtained from Shigaku Records, but a follow-up single (Engagement) was five years in the making. Apart from a contribution to a various artists Christmas compilation that year, nothing further can be found about them.

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Other Shows Played

  • 15 August 1989: 'Life's Little Disturbances (7"-S/T (EP))' (The Houseplants) (JP: 'One of Toughkenamon, Pennsylvania's top bands.')
  • 02 September 1989 (BFBS) / Peel 114 (BFBS): 'Life's Little Disturbances (7"-S/T (EP))' (The Houseplants) (JP: 'An uplifting of them's very fat, I think it's the bass player: it doesn't tell you which one it is, but one of them's dead fat.')

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