You can now add a short audio clip to any page of the John Peel Wiki.

Please see the examples on the following pages:

To add a clip to a page, please follow the instructions below.

Upload to

Get code

  • Once your upload is complete, the name of your clip will be the last part of the URL of the newly created page. Now substitute the end of the URL for JohnPeelSweetEatingGame in the following example:

This code can be used to add a clip to an existing page of the John Peel Wiki or to a new page.

Add code to a page

To add a clip to an existing page

  • Open the page, then the editing window on by clicking the "Edit this page" tab in the blue bar at the top. Use your new code to add the clip, save the page - and that's it.

To make a new page for a clip

  • Create a new page by typing the title in the input box below. Please be sure to include Clip in brackets at the end of the title (eg, Sweet Eating Game (Clip)). In the editing window of your new page, give a brief introduction to your clip, add your new code, save the page - and you're finished.


There have been attempts to upload shows with music to by members of the Peel Newsgroup but these have quickly been deleted, presumably for copyright reasons. Spoken tracks appear to be OK.

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