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Independent Television News (ITN) is a British-based news and content provider. It is made up of three divisions: ITN News, ITN Source and ITN Productions. ITN is based in London, with bureaux and offices in Beijing, Brussels, Jerusalem, Johannesburg, New York, Paris, Sydney and Washington DC. ITN produces content for ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5, UK mobile phone operators, online outlets such as YouTube, MSN, Telegraph Media Group, Yahoo!, and film producers and researchers worldwide. Between 1955 and 1999, ITN was more commonly known as the general brand name of ITV's news programmes. Since 1999, ITV has used ITV News as the brand name for their news programmes, though ITN continues as the network's news provider.

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John Peel's News Appearance

John Peel's News Appearance

Peel talking about the Liverpool music scene, broadcast in 1984.

Peel made many appearance on news channels, relating to music and his death. In one news programme, broadcast in 1984, he made an appearance talking about the Liverpool music scene.

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