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Ian A. Anderson (born 26 July 1947, in Weston-super-Mare, England) is an English magazine editor (founder of fRoots magazine and the Rogue Records), folk musician and broadcaster. Anderson first performed in his home town of Weston-super-Mare as a member of the Backwater Jook Band and came to prominence as a member of the Bristol based country blues scene of the mid to late 1960s, performing live and on record, both solo, with Al Jones and Elliott Jackson as the trio "Anderson Jones Jackson", and as a duo with Mike Cooper. The middle initial was added at a later date to avoid confusion with Ian Anderson of the band Jethro Tull.

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Ian A. Anderson described in Ken Garner's The Peel Sessions (page 50-51) how the Bristol based country blues scene helped many artists including himself get a session for Peel's Night Ride show:

"Mike Cooper and I had suggested Gef Lucana of Saydisc in Bristol start a blues label called Matchbox, and when its first compilation LP Blues Like Showers of Rain came out in July 1968, everything went silly. John Peel, then, as he ever was, the first to spot something good happening at the roots, played it every night on Night Ride and had most of the artists guesting."

Anderson and the Blues Like Showers of Rain LP mentioned above were praised by Peel in his ABC Of Beauty article in the 2nd November 1968 edition of Disc & Music Echo, and Night Ride sessions by him and other contributors to the LP soon followed. Although he only did one session for Peel, he continued to perform and helped run another small record label, Village Thing.

Apart from making music and producing records, Ian A. Anderson worked as an agent who organised UK tours for other artists, including some who did Peel sessions (Fred McDowell, Spider John Koerner). He became a broadcaster his own right, hosting a folk show on BBC World Service for twelve years and occasionally appearing on various programmes on the BBC's domestic networks.. In 1993, when Anderson was sitting in for Andy Kershaw on his show, he mentioned being pleased to do a live handover to John Peel, especially recalling how the latter gave him a chance to do a session for his show:

"I was also immensely pleased to do a live hand over to my old friend John Peel at the end, who'd given me my very first Radio 1 session as an artist on his Night Ride show in the summer of 1968." [1]

Ian A. Anderson also helped found Folk Roots (fRoots) magazine (which Peel mentioned on his shows that he read), a guide to folk and the world music scene; with Joe Boyd and Charlie Gillett amongst others he was a member of the group of music industry figures who "invented" and defined world music as a genre in 1987. The magazine's compilation album releases were played by both Peel and Kershaw. Anderson also helped set up Rogue Records, which provided a platform for both his own bands and new artists, concentrating on world music, which both Peel and Kershaw also played on their respective shows.


1. Recorded: 1968-08-14. First Broadcast: 21 August 1968

  • It's Hard Times / Little Boy Blue / Rowdy Blues / That's All Right / Crazy Fool Woman

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