Ian Gomm

Ian Robert Gomm (born 28 March 1947 in Chiswick, West London) is a British singer-songwriter, who was the rhythm guitarist for Brinsley Schwarz from 1970 to 1974. He was named "Best Rhythm Guitarist" by NME in 1971.

Gomm had started in around 1962/1963 in Unit 4, formed by Ian Gomm on rhythm and lead guitar, vocals, Martin Davis on bass and Simon Behar on drums, who were all pupils at Ealing County School for Boys. Soon after forming, Frank Kennington, who was older than the others, joined as lead vocalist and they became Unit 4. Mick Liber, who had previously played with Frankie Reid & The Casuals and Clay Alison and the Searchers, joined Unit 4 around July 1964 but the new line-up was short-lived. Around October 1964, Kennington left and moved to Sydney, Australia, and Unit 4 broke up.

Gomm's first solo album, Summer Holiday, came out in 1978. He re-released his best known song for Brinsley Schwarz, "Hooked on Love", with "Chicken Run" as the B-side on Stiff in 1979.

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As an fan of Brinsley Schwarz, Peel gave airtime to the solo careers of its members following that group's demise, including that of Ian Gomm.

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Chicken Run


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