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In the Nursery are an English neoclassical dark wave/martial industrial band, known for their cinematic sound. The duo has provided soundtracks to a variety of TV programmes and films, and is known for its rescoring of silent films. Twin brothers Klive and Nigel Humberstone and guitar player Anthony Bennett formed this Sheffield-based band in 1981. Influenced by Joy Division, the trio originally tagged along with the UK's industrial music scene, releasing the six-track When Cherished Dreams Come True in June 1983. The "Witness (To a Scream)" single and Sonority EP followed before the band moved to the Sweatbox label for the fearsome Temper EP. (read more on wikipedia)

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I is for..

I is for... In The Nursery

Peel played tracks from the band's debut album in 1983 and continued supporting them until around the late 80's. The band mentioned on a YouTube video called I is for... In The Nursery, that Peel tried to play the group's second single, Witness on his show, after Klive sent a copy to him. Unfortunately for the group, the single had a bad pressing and Peel had to abandon the track half way when playing it on his show. In response, Peel wrote a letter back to Klive explaining that there was a scratch on the record.

Shows Played

  • 07 August 1983 (BFBS): When Cherished Dreams Come True (12" mini-album - When Cherished Dreams Come True) Paragon
  • 28 April 1987: Workcorps (Fist Style) (v/a LP - Fight!) Cathexis
  • 08 June 1987: Blind Me (12 inch-B side of Elegy) (JP: 'The theme music from the film 'I Was A Swedish Dentist'...actually, I made that bit up.')

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