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IT 20, 1967-10-27, p.14 Peel appears as DJ at Middle Earth (26 Oct.)

IT 21, 1967-11-17, p.13 John Peele (sic) again at Middle Earth (17 Nov.)

IT 21, 1967-11-17, p.16 DJ at Middle Earth, Fridays 9.30 pm until dawn: (17 Nov) with Fairport Convention, Crystal Ship, Jacob's Ladder Construction Co.; (24 Nov.) with Pretty Things, Eyes of Blue, Geranium Pond

IT 22, 1967-12-15, p.13 "Kaleidoscope of Word Music" at Roundhouse, with JP as compere (20 Dec.)

IT 22, 1967-12-15, p.18 Half-page ad shows Peel set to appear (with fellow ex-Radio London DJ Mike Lennox) at Christmas On Earth Continued


IT 27, 1968-03-08, p 9 "In The Bush" listing: Rave, Nice, Spencer Davis, Tony Rivers and the Castaways, The Chicken Shack, The Attack, compere—John Peel at Leeds University (Mar. 9)

IT 28, 1968-04-05 p. 11 Tyrannosaurus Rex (Oak, Ash and Thorn: "Narrating Narrator John Peel"), Purcell Room, Royal Festival Hall (5/13 April 1968)

IT 30, 1968-05-03, p. 11 "Dance Of Words" IT 30 1968-05 p. 11 "Dance of Words" event at Portsmouth with poets, bands and JP (27 May)

IT 31 article on Liverpool Scene with gig listings for band: with John Peel at Aston University, Birmingham (24 May)

"In the Sticks" section; "Dance of Words" event at Portsmouth with poets, bands and JP (27 May)

IT 31 Back cover ad; Royal Festival Hall concert featuring Tyrannosaurus Rex and Roy Harper, with Stefan Grossman and David Bowie as supporting acts; "Vibrations by John Peel" (3 June)

IT 32, 1968-05-31 Ad for John Peel, King Ida's Watch Chain, The Battered Ornaments at Middle Earth (3 June). Listings for Middle Earth gig as well as for the same evening Tyrannosaurus Rex, Roy Harper with Stefan Grossman and David Bowie, Vibrations by John Peel at Royal Festival Hall

IT 33, 1968-06-14, p. 15 "In The Sticks": Tyrannosaurus Rex, The Liverpool Scene and John Peel at City Memorial Hall, Sheffield (17 June), Tyrannosaurus Rex featuring John Peel at Mothers Club, Birmingham (23 June)

IT 35, 1968-07-12, p. 8 "In the Sticks"; Southport Pier - Traffic, Family, Spooky Tooth, with JP (17 July)

IT 36, 1968-07-26, p.8 "In the Sticks"; JP appears on Sunday evening (11 Aug.) at the 8th National Jazz and Blues Festival, with Traffic, Spencer Davis, John Mayall, Fairport Convention, Chicken Shack, Jethro Tull, Tramline, Dynaflow Blues (Peel mentions this to his listeners during his Sunday afternoon Top Gear programme of 11 August 1968)

IT 37, 1968-08-89, p.13 Ad for "A Freak Show" at the Roundhouse, organised by Blackhill Enterprises and Mean and Filthy Productions in aid of community charities, with bands including Family, Action, Deviants, Eclection, and JP (9 Aug?)

IT 38, 1968-08-23, p.4 Ad for gig at Theatre Royal, Bury St. Edmunds; John Peel, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre, "Guff" Putkowski (31 Aug.)

IT 38, 1968-08-23, p. 7 First National Blues Convention at Conway Hall. Full bill of blues performers, plus "Recitals by John Peel, Paul Oliver and Albert McCarthy" (7-8 Sept.)

IT 38, 1968-08-23, p. 8-13 "In The Sticks" John Peel, Principal Edwards Magic Theatre and 'Guff' Putkowski at Theatre Royal, Bury St, Edmunds (31 Aug.); "Sounds": First National Blues Convention. Alexis Korner, Champion Jack Dupree, Davy Graham, Dynaflow Blues, Stefan Grossman & others. Recitals by John Peel, Paul Oliver, Albert McCathy & others (7-8 Sept.)

IT 39, 1968-09-06, p.8 Ad for Doors and Jefferson Airplane concert at Roundhouse. JP not listed but said to have compered this legendary event. (6-7 Sept.)

IT 41, p.9 "What's Happening": London School of Economics; Chicken Shack, Blonde on Blonde, John Peel, Occasional Word Ensemble (2 Nov.) (Also listed in IT 42, p. 19, IT 43, p.19)

IT 41, p.20 Lanchester College of Technology, Coventry; Savoy Brown, Alexis Korner, Pete Brown's Battered Ornaments, John Peel, Jo-Ann Kelly (18 Oct.)

IT 42, 1968-10-18, p. 20 Blues with Savoy Brown, Alexis Korner, Pete Brown's Battered Ornaments, John Peel, Jo-Ann Kelly at Lanchester College, Coventry (22 Oct.)

IT 43, 1968-11-01, p. 20 Joe Cocker and John Peel at Mothers, Birmingham (3 Nov.)

IT 44, 1968-11-15, p.20: Jethro Tull and JP at Mothers, Birmingham (24 Nov.)

IT 46, 1968-12-13, p.10: "John Peel plus poets, groups, singers" at Country Club, Haverstock Hill, London {19 Dec)

IT 46, 1968-12-13, p. 28-29 Ads for the following: Principal Edward's Magic Theatre, Aurial and more to be announced, introduced by John Peel, Middle Earth at Roundhouse (14 Dec.); Ten Years After & John Peel at Mothers, Birmingham (22 Dec.); Family, Action & John Peel at Mothers, Birmingham (24 Dec.); Chicken Shack, Tea & Symphony, John Peel at Mothers, Birmingham (26 Dec.); Special Christmas show with John Peel at Middle Earth (27 Dec.); Special Christmas show with John Peel at Middle Earth (28 Dec.); Jethro Tull, Savoy Brown, Bakerloo Blues Line & John Peel at Mothers, Birmingham (31 Dec.)


IT 47, 1969-01-01 p. 19 Tyrannosaurus Rex at Queen Elizabeth Hall (13 Jan)

IT 48, 1969-01-17 p. 2 Lanchester College Arts Festival, Coventry. Music includes Peel, Pentangle, Jeff Beck and others (Jan 24-Feb 1)

IT 49, 1969-01-31 (Bradford University) Fairport Convention, Bridget St. John, Principal Edward's Magic Theatre & John Peel (5 Feb.)

IT 50 1969-02-14, p. 23 Ads for Tyrannosaurus Rex with John Peel & friends at Birmingham Town Hall (15 Feb), Croydon, Fairfield Hall (16 Feb), Manchester, Free Trade Hall (22 Feb), Bristol, Colston Hall (23 Feb), Liverpool, Philharmonic Hall (Mar 1) (ad on p. 9, ; Chicken Shack + John Peel at Mothers, Birmingham (2 Mar.)

IT 52, 1969-03-14, p.22 Listings for Release Benefit — Folk evening presented by John Peel — Occasional Word Ensemble, Mike Hart, Dr. Strangely Strange & Bridget St. John at West Ham College, E.15 (20 Mar); Principal Edwards Magic Theatre + lantern lecture by John Peel (if he can find his way there) at ICA (21 Mar.)

IT 52, 1969-03-14, p.23 Arthur Brown & John Peel at Mothers, Birmingham (23 Mar); Folk Meets Pop: The Fairport Convention, Pat Sky, Sallyangie, Al Stewart, John Peel at Royal Festival Hall (24 Mar), Country Joe & the Fish & John Peel at Mothers, Birmingham (30 Mar.)

IT 53, 1969-03-28, p. 27 Repeat listing for gig with Country Joe & The Fish at Mothers in Birmingham (30 Mar.). The same Sunday night, in the same city, Led Zeppelin play at the Farx Club Northcote Arms, Northcote Ave., off the Broadway (Uxbridge Rd.).

IT 53, 1969-03-28, p. 18 YCND benefit at the Roundhouse "in the form of a benefit concert-cum-happening". Artists to include JP, Pete Drummond, Alexis Korner, Pete Brown & His Battered Ornaments, Deviants, etc (6 April)

IT 54, 1969-04-11 Ad for John Peel's Midnight Court: Assembles every Friday from 12.30 until dawn at the Lyceum in The Strand. Tyrannosaurus Rex in concert with guests (11 April). (Peel may not have been present as the promoters used his name without asking - on the 13 April 1969 Top Gear he said the gig's name was "appalling".) Check Melody maker for details (18 April). Listing for The Liverpool Scene, introduced by John Peel at St. Pancras Town Hall (26 Apr.)

IT 55, 1969-04-25, p.10 Ad for Liverpool Scene concert at St Pancras Town Hall, presented by JP (26 Apr.)

IT 56, 1969-05-09, p.31 Ad for concert compered by JP, "In the Cool of the Evening", with Liverpool Scene, John Fahey and others, at Hornsey Town Hall (12 May).

IT 57, 1969-05-23, p.10 Peel comperes benefit concert at Roundhouse for Fairport Convention, after their motorway crash (25 May)

IT 57, 1969-05-23, p.10 Ad for concert at Royal Albert Hall; "John Peel introduces Richie Havens..." (5 June)

IT 58, 1969-06-13, p.27 JP comperes Bath Festival of Blues, featuring John Mayall, Fleetwood Mac, Jethro Tull, 10 Years After, Nice, Led Zeppelin, Chicken Shack, Jon Hiseman's Colosseum, Blodwyn Pig, Group Therapy, Liverpool Scene, Taste, Savoy Brown, Clouds, Babylon/Principal Edward's Magic Theatre (28 June)

IT 58, 1969-06-13, p.28 Full-page ad for week of Pop Proms at Royal Albert Hall; JP introduces Incredible String Band, Family, Fairport Convention (2 July)

IT 61, 1969-08=01 p.19 "Vicious Rumours, Snide Comments, Downright Lies"; Free concert at Beach House Gardens, Worthing. "The performers include Steamhammer, John Peel and the Entire Sioux Nation" (16 Aug.)

IT 62, 1969-08-15, p.6 "What's Happening": "Free concert arranged by Beckenham Arts Lab (Growth): Cast of thousands include Juniors Eyes, Bridget St. John, John Peel, Amory Kane...At Beckenham Recreation Ground on August 16th, starting at noon and carrying on until 8 p.m."

IT 64, 1968-09-12, p. 1 "Soundzzz": with Third Ear Band, Bridget St John, etc, at Queen Elizabeth Hall (20 Sept) (see also ad on p. 18

IT 65, 1969-09-26, p.3 "What's Happening": All nite underground scene with Fleetwood Mac, Family, Edgar Broughton Band, East of Eden, Spirit of John Morgan, John Peel etc. at Pavilion Gardens, Buxton..... (Sept. 26)

IT 69, 1969-12-05, p.24 "Wot's 'Appening": Charity concert at Royal Albert Hall, for Shelter; Family, Graham Bond, Sam Apple Pie, John Peel (Dec. 19)


IT 72, 1970-01-28, p.18 "News". JP said to have appeared at recent Lanchester Arts Festival, Coventry, which featured Jack Bruce, Yes, Free, Principal Edwards, Roland Kirk, Chicken Shack, Roy Harper, Duster Bennett, the Strawbs. "Unfortunately it was financially impossible to cover...the ten day event, it sounded like a gas".

IT 76, 1970-03-27, p.22 Ad for CBS Records' "Sounds of the 70s" concerts at Royal Albert Hall, JP comperes both nights; Steamhammer, Flock, Johnny Winter (17 Apr), It's A Beautiful Day, Taj Mahal, Santana (18 Apr).

[[1] IT 77, 1970-04-09, p. 17] 1970 Pop Proms, JP to compere some of the five nights. Traffic, Tyrannosaurus Rex, etc (20-25 Apr)


IT 98, 1971-02-25, p.6 Ad for "Oz Police Ball - A Gala Benefit For The Oz Obscenity Trial. Saturday 6th March at 43 King Street, Covent Garden (The Old Middle Earth). A star-studded all nighter starting at 8.30 with: Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come/Viv Stanshall's Seanhead Showband/Gene Vincent's Houseshakers/Pink Fairies/Egg/Third World War/Gnidrolog and John Peel holding it together."

IT 103, 1971-05-06, p.15 BIT Benefit, Roundhouse, Chalk Farm. Funkadelic, Little Free Rock, National Head Band, Good Habit, Zoo, Zoot Money. DJ John Peel (9 May)


IT 138, 1972-09-18, p.17 Benefit concert in aid of Release, at Bumpers all-night club, W.1. Quintessence, Quiver, Global Village Trucking Company, Lol Coxhill, John Peel, Bishop Big Boppers, Smith, Perkins and Smith, Bitch, The White Panther Street Band, Bridget St. John, Pisces, Tir na Nog, and others. (4 October)

IT 143, 1972-12-02, p. 23 Benefit for the Spastic Society, at Fairfield Hall, Croydon. Soft Machine, Medecine Head (sic), Ron Geesin, Ivor Cutler and John Peel (3 December)


IT 158, 1973-07-12, p.10 Two ads for upcoming festivals: Great Western Express at White City. Edgar Winter Band, Sly and the Family Stone, Barclay James Harvest, Canned Heat, Lindisfarne, JSD Band; Special guest stars The Kinks. Your Hosts: John Peel, Jerry Floyd, Bill Barclay. (15 July)

Buxton "Pop" Festival at Booth Farm, near Buxton, Derbyshire. Chuck Berry, Wizzard, Groundhogs, Nazareth, Canned Heat, Medicine Head, Edgar Broughton Band. Peel not listed, but this may be the "unspeakable" festival, marked by Chuck Berry's non-appearance, that he describes on pp.55-58 of Margrave of the Marshes - although he believed it took place in 1969. (21 July)

IT 159, 1973-07-27, p.18 Reading; 12th National Jazz, Blues and Rock Festival. JP hosts second day of three-day event, with The Faces, Jon Hiseman's Tempest, Caravan, Jack The Lad, Fumble, Andy Bown, Tasavallan Presidentii (Finland), Strider, Claire Hamill, Riff-Raff, Quadrille