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It's Immaterial are a post-punk band hailing from Liverpool, UK. Formed in 1980 they issued a number of singles on independent labels before finally releasing their debut album Life's Hard And Then You Die (1986), distributed and marketed by Virgin Records and featuring the hit single Driving Away From Home which reached no. 18 in April 1986. By that time the group had been reduced to the core-duo of John Campbell (vocals) and Jarvis Whitehead (keyboards and guitars). A re-release of earlier single "Ed's Funky Diner" failed to follow-up the chart success, and a follow-up album Song didn't see the light of day until 1990. The duo planned to release their 'lost and found' third album House For Sale via Pledge Music although plans were again shelved as the label folded in July 2019. (Read more on Wikipedia...)

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Peel had probably become aware of It's Immaterial via the thriving Liverpool music scene of the early 80s, and he played their debut single, the self released "Young Man (Seeks Interesting Job)" in September 1980. The city's Inevitable label, springboard also to other local acts China Crisis, Wah! Heat and Dead or Alive, released the follow-up single "A Gigantic Raft" (aka "A Giant Raft"), which Peel also played frequently on the show even into the nineties. The group recorded no less than four sessions for Peel, the last of which in 1985 featured tracks which would eventually appear their debut album a year later.

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Four sessions. Session 1 available on CD3 of Birth Of A Nation: Inevitable Records – An Independent Liverpool 1979-1986 Singles, B-Sides and Peel Sessions, 3xCD (April 2019)[1]. Session 4 available on the bonus disc of the Life's Hard And Then You Die re-issue (2016)[2].

IT'S IMMATERIAL John Peel 11th November 1981

IT'S IMMATERIAL John Peel 11th November 1981

1. Recorded 1981-11-11. First broadcast 19 November 1981. Repeated 15 December 1981.

  • A Gigantic Raft / Imitate The Worm / White Man's Hut / Rake

2. Recorded 1982-07-17. First broadcast 09 August 1982.

  • Huzah Huzah Physic Stick / Life's My Favourite Instinct / Speak / Washing The Air
IT'S IMMATERIAL John Peel 12th November 1983

IT'S IMMATERIAL John Peel 12th November 1983

3. Recorded 1983-11-12. First broadcast 21 November 1983. Repeated 06 December 1983.

  • Let's Murder The Moonshine / Challo / White Man's Hut / The Worm Turns

4. Recorded 1985-04-21. First broadcast 06 May 1985. Repeated 17 June 1985.

  • Rope / Hang On Sleepy Town / Space / Festival Time


  1. unknown tracks

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  • 15 March 1982: A Gigantic Raft (In The Philippines) (7") Inevitable INEV 009

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