• JLP002
  • 1980-02
  • b/w JLP001
  • The first of the JLP Tapes and consequently played to death during the 1980s - literally so, since two sections totalling 10+ minutes are no longer present following a catastrophic tape-scrunching accident. The quality of the remaining repaired tape ranges from fair to poor.
  • Details of the missing tracks are supported by inlay card, tracklisting notebook and JLP's own memory.


A - Top Forty 10 February 1980 (Tony Blackburn)
B - David Jensen Show 11 February 1980
C - David Jensen or Evening Show (Mike Read) 11 February 1980
D - could be Evening Show or John Peel Show 11 February 1980
E - John Peel Show 11 February 1980
F - David Jensen or Evening Show 12 February 1980
G - tentatively John Peel Show 12 February 1980
H - Evening Show 13 February 1980 or 14 February 1980
J - John Peel Show 13 February 1980 or 14 February 1980 [3]


  • JLP002 v2.mp3
  • 00.32.57
  • (reuploaded in stereo)


  1. Stupid Babies comprised 5-year-old vocalist Dominic Tinley and his 11-year-old guitarist brother Adam, later to be known as Adamski.
  2. Available on YouTube, where a commenter identifies the screening as having taken place on 12 February.
  3. Dates can be pinned down from the tracks that come before and after. The Beat track may be from the Evening Show on 14 February, although the absence of excited gabbling over the fade suggests Peel rather than Read. The Stupid Babies/Bad Baby segue is a typical Peel link, and the first track on JLP003 ("Bad Man!") may be an extension of this.