• JLP004
  • 1980-02
  • b/w JLP003
  • Like JLP001/JLP002 the tape was scrunched at some point during the 1980s and repaired with a section missing, although the damage to sound quality on the surviving tape is nowhere near as bad.


  • Beat: Ranking Full Stop (b-side of single "Tears Of A Clown") A
  • X-Ray Spex: Germ Free Adolescence (single) B
  • Martha & the Muffins: Echo Beach (single) C
  • Who: My Generation (single) C
  • Madness: In The Middle Of The Night (from album "One Step Beyond") C
  • David Bowie: Rebel Rebel (single) C
  • Piranhas: Jilly (b-side of single "Coloured Music") D
  • Secret Affair: My World (single) D
  • Another Pretty Face: Whatever Happened To The West? (single) E
  • Fall: Fiery Jack (single) [1] E
  • Attic: Present Is Only Slight (from EP "All Plans Exist") E
  • Lam: Genghis Khan (single) E
  • Lam: YMCA (b-side of single "Genghis Khan") (first few seconds only) [2] E
  • Gary Numan: Complex (single) (missing from tape) F
  • Dave Edmunds: Singing The Blues (single) (missing from tape) G
  • Peter Gabriel: Games Without Frontiers (single) (start of track missing) G

A - David Jensen Show or Mailbag 20 February 1980
B - Mailbag (Anne Nightingale) 20 February 1980
C - probably as B
D - Evening Show (Mike Read) 20 February 1980
E - John Peel Show 20 February 1980
F - unknown Radio One
G - Top Forty 24 February 1980 (Tony Blackburn)


  • JLP004 v2.mp3
  • 00.37.25
  • (reuploaded in stereo)


  1. Life was never the same again for JLP, to the extent that on his birthday in 2010 he linked the track on Facebook with the comment "I sat and drank for three decades, I'm 45".
  2. The full track was never on the tape and is not listed on the inlay card. At this remove it is impossible for JLP to recall whether Peel played the entire track, or only the intro.