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John Symon Asher "Jack" Bruce (14 May 1943 – 25 October 2014) was a Scottish musician, singer and songwriter known primarily for his contributions to the British supergroup Cream, which also included the guitarist-singer Eric Clapton and the drummer Ginger Baker. In March 2011 Rolling Stone readers selected him as the eighth greatest bass guitarist of all time. "Most musicians would have a very hard time distinguishing themselves if they wound up in a band with Eric Clapton and Ginger Baker," the magazine said at the time, "but Jack Bruce was so gifted on the bass that he did it with ease."

Bruce maintained a solo career that spanned several decades and also played in several musical groups. Although recognized first and foremost as a vocalist, bassist and songwriter, he also played double bass, harmonica, piano, cello and guitar. He was trained as a classical cellist and considered himself a jazz musician, although much of his catalogue of compositions and recordings tended toward rock and blues.

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Jack Bruce musical projects were played by Peel. A live concert by Jack Bruce was introduced by Alan Black, whilst Peel was away on the 29 August 1971 show.


Recorded: 1971-08-19. Broadcast: 29 August 1971

  1. You Burned The Tables On Me
  2. Folk Song
  3. A Letter Of Thanks
  4. Smiles & Grins
  5. We're Going Wrong
  6. The Clearout
  7. Have You Ever Loved A Woman
  8. Powerhouse Sod
  9. You Sure Look Good To Me

Other Shows Played

Jack Bruce - Weird of Hermiston

Jack Bruce - Weird of Hermiston

  • 16 August 1976: 'Theme From An Imaginary Western (LP-Songs For A Tailor)' (Polydor)
  • 16 August 1976: 'Into The Storm (LP-Out Of The Storm)' (RSO)

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