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Jakin Boaz (real name - Oliver Binek) is an electronic music Producer from Leipzig in Germany. According to discogs, he began playing guitar in a punk-band in 1996. When it became too harsh and monotonous he quit. Nevertheless possessed by sound he was searching for new ground. Because of no limitations he got into the sphere's of electronic music and has been producing since 1999.

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Boaz remixed a track from LXC called Eko, which was broadcast on Peel's show on 14th September 2004. No other tracks or remixes were played on any other Peel shows.

Shows Played

  • 14 September 2004: LXC: Eko (Jakin Boaz Remix) (12") Alphacut (JP: "And for those of you unfamiliar with Eko, it's a linoleum-like product made in Hungary. No, actually I've got no idea at all what it is (laughs))."

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