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James were formed in Manchester in 1982 by Jim Glennie, Tim Booth, Larry Gott and Gavan Whelan. Signing, a year later, to Anthony H. Wilson's Factory label, before being snapped up by the Sire Records Company. Their folksy/indie sound found early cult status, before they became big chart toppers. Well almost, 'Sit Down' reached no. 2 in the UK singles charts, quickly followed by a no. 2 album, 'Seven'. The band split up in 2001, before re-forming some years later.

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Peel played the band's debut single in 1983 through the Factory label and would continue supporting their new material until 1991, when they achieved success with a new re-released version of 'Sit Down', which reached number 2 in the UK singles chart. Singer Tim Booth in an interview with The Quietus in 2016 described how John Peel's music was a lifeline during his education:

"Music became my saviour. I had been sent away to a prison-like [boarding] school and I would listen to John Peel on my headphones in bed. I realised that there was a world out there of other people expressing something from their pain. I felt very alone and music was the thing that made me feel not alone. This is why I get emotional talking about some of these albums." [1]

Interestingly the prison like boarding school which Tim Booth described was Shrewsbury School, the same place where Peel studied and boarded when he was a child.

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James - Peel Session 1983

1. Recorded: 1983-10-03. Broadcast: 19 October 1983. Repeated: 01 November 1983

  • Vulture / The Chicken Wire / Discipline / Hymn From A Village

2. Recorded: 1986-01-12. Broadcast: 20 January 1986. Repeated: 04 February 1986, 24 February 1986, 29 December 1986

  • Insect / Scarecrow / Are You Ready / Really Hard

3. Recorded: 1987-09-03. Broadcast: 09 September 1987. Repeated: 28 September 1987, 25 November 1987, 30 December 1987

  • What For? / Ya Ho / Stowaway / Whoops

4. Recorded: 1990-04-10. Broadcast: 30 April 1990. Repeated: 19 June 1990

  • How Was It For You / Sunday Morning / Come Home

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James - Hymn From a Village


James - What For


James - Sit Down


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