• 1989-01-??
  • Peel's debut show for Nachtexpress.
  • Peel says his favourite German language track in the last 12 months is Frauen In Frieden Und Freiheit by Foyer Des Arts.
  • Peel talks about his visit to Zimbabwe in 1988 and mentions his wife Sheila dancing, whilst the Four Brothers were playing and everybody around her clapping her performance.


(Female announcer speaking in the German language)
(JP: 'Hello Austrian pals, I'm John Peel in London for Nachtexpress. I apologise for speaking in English. This is no attempt of cultural colonialism. The only words I speak of German are zwei bier bitte. If I keep saying this, you'll get very bored and I'll get very drunk. Let's get going. Do you remember Altered Images and Happy Birthday')
(JP: 'A Classic track that I think...')
(JP: 'I don't know how much reggae you hear on the radio in Austria, not a great deal I warrant, but I play you the odd track from time to time...')
(JP: 'Seriously weird band from Detroit, Michigan. That's Art Phag and 4 Basic Vejabo Groups and almost end to my first ride on the Nachtexpress. John Peel in London. I'll be back with you in one month time. If you want to write and tell me what you think of the records in the programme or tell me what's going on, I'll shall be pleased to hear from you. If you want to write in German, I can get the letters translated. I'm going to leave you with Bolt Thrower and Attack In The Aftermath. Thanks for listening, goodbye')


  • Ö3 - Nachtexpress (erste Sendung John Peel)
  • 56:39
  • Many thanks to Andreas Knedlik
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