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The Jazz Butcher, also known as The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy and The Jazz Butcher And His Sikkorskis From Hell, were a British indie band founded by Pat Fish (real name: Patrick Huntrods; 20 December 1957 - 5 October 2021). The band was formed in Oxford in 1982 by Pat Fish and Max Eider. The début album in Bath of Bacon was released by Glass Records in 1983. A second album A Scandal in Bohemia, also on Glass, featured guest appearances from David J and Kevin Haskins of Bauhaus. After four albums, and two singles collections for Glass, Fish signed to Creation Records in 1988, releasing eight albums on the label, culminating in 1995's Illuminate.

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Peel seemed to have only played the band's Southern Mark Smith track in the early/mid 80's and didn't seem to play any other tracks beyond that.

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Southern Mark Smith (Big Return)


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