Jimi Hendrix LuLu Show 1969 **FULL**

Voodoo Chile / Hey Joe (1969, Lulu Show, BBC TV, OGWT repeat)

James Marshall Hendrix (27 Nov. 1942 – 18 Sept. 1970) is widely recognized as one of leading guitarists of the rock era. Born in Seattle, he quickly broke through in England after moving to London in 1966 and forming the Jimi Hendrix Experience with Noel Redding (bass) and Mitch Mitchell (drums). Debut hit ‘Hey Joe’ was rapidly followed by ‘Purple Haze’ and their first LP, ‘Are You Experienced’, which was only kept off the top of the UK album charts in the psychedelic summer of 1967 by the release of ‘Sgt. Pepper’ by the Beatles.[1]

Live, Hendrix combined dazzling technique and flamboyant showmanship, making his name back in America as a late addition to the bill of the Monterey International Pop Festival in June 1967. Two more hugely successful albums followed before the Experience broke up in mid-1969. At the end of that summer, Hendrix was backed by new musicians when he topped the bill at Woodstock and delivered a landmark performance of ‘Star-Spangled Banner.’ A live ‘Band Of Gypsys’ album was released in early 1970 and Hendrix toured in both the US and Europe, appearing at the Isle of Wight festival in late August, but there were no further studio releases before his early death.

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"Over the years, I’ve seen just about everybody you would want to see playing live. I’ve done gigs with lots of them. In fact, I’ve got a couple of posters of me, I think at Southampton University, billed above Pink Floyd. It says, like, “John Peel, with Pink Floyd.” And another one that says, “John Peel, with Jimi Hendrix.” Now, I did quite a few gigs with Hendrix and I saw him play a lot of times and I would still argue that he was like the greatest single performer that I ever saw. Particularly because there was such an element of tension in his performances, because he would start to play something and you’d think, “He’s not going to get this sorted out. He’s going to have to stop this and say, “Look, I’m awfully sorry, I’ve made a mess. Can we start again?”” And then suddenly, miraculously, it would be resolved and you would just be, “Wow, thank goodness for that” – and he would be off on something else. A wonderful live performer, the best."
(John Peel, Ten Of The Best, 1995)

Peel would also include Hendrix's 'Are You Experienced?' (1967) debut LP in the Top 20 Albums list he drew up for the Guardian in 1997. On 20 October 1995 Peel says that the song 'Red House' from that LP is his favourite by the artiste. "Always was his very best thing, I think."

In 1970, Capitol Records issued the only album from Hendrix's post-Experience group, Band of Gypsys. The cover featured a shot of Hendrix playing at the Fillmore East. In the UK however, the album was distributed by Track Records and used a different cover. The cover image featured crude looking puppets of Hendrix, Peel, Bob Dylan and Brian Jones lined up in front of a corrugated backdrop. The Peel puppet appeared to be pulling a fairly nifty lotus yoga position. Track subsequently replaced the image after accusations that the sleeve was in poor taste.

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Peel sessions and others for the BBC had various official releases before being definitively compiled on BBC Sessions (Experience Hendrix/MCA, 1998). Tracks from the two Top Gear sessions plus others for the BBC were played by Peel on 15 April 1976 and 05 April 1977. The second Top Gear session was later selected as one of the Best 125 Peel Sessions.


Jimi Hendrix - Radio 1 Theme (John Peel Session)

Radio 1 Jingle (session)

1. Recorded 1967-10-06. First broadcast 15 October 1967 (Peel not presenter). Repeated 26 November 1967 (presented by Peel and Tommy Vance)

  • Little Miss Lover / Driving South / Burning Of The Midnight Lamp / Hound Dog / Experiencing The Blues (aka Catfish Blues)

2. Recorded 1967-12-15. First broadcast 24 December 1967 (presented by Peel and Tommy Vance). Repeated 04 February 1968

  • Day Tripper / Spanish Castle Magic / Radio One Jingle / Wait Until Tomorrow / Getting My Heart Back Together Again (aka Hear My Train A-Coming)

Show appearances (Excluding Sessions)

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  • 07 July 1978: Are You Experienced? (LP - The Essential Jimi Hendrix) Polydor
  • 26 December 1978: All Along the Watchtower" (LP - Electric Ladyland) Polydor
(JP: “You may well be thinking that I'm giving the first Hendrix album a bit of a hammering this week. There's no reason for it really other than the fact that I listened to it at the weekend and I'd forgotten how good it is.”)
  • 06 January 2000: All Along The Watchtower (LP-Electric Ladyland) Polydor ATFF#37
(JP: 'Bit before my time, that sort of thing.')


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