The Jocks Choice were short interview snippets with BBC Radio One DJ's in the book, '25 Years Of Pop', that was published by the BBC in 1992 to commemorate the silver jubilee of the radio station. The Jocks Choice involved BBC Radio One DJ's answering questions about what their favourites in entertainment and life. Peel was asked several questions that were published in the book and these were his answers:

Peel's Answers

Best Singles

  1. Undertones: Teenage Kicks
  2. Four Brothers: Pasi Pano Pane Zviedzo
  3. The Fall: New Face In Hell
  4. Wayne Wonder & Cutty Ranks: The Lambada
  5. Bang Bang Machine: Geek Love

Best Albums

  1. Misty In Roots: Live At Counter Eurovision Festival
  2. Babes In Toyland: Spanking Machine
  3. Captain Beefheart: Trout Mask Replica
  4. Big Black: Songs About Fucking
  5. The Fall: Code Selfish

Best Film

Most Important Artist

Most Important Group

Best DJ

Worst Thing

  • The world's inability to cope with war, famine, pestilence, greed, etc

Best Thing

  • Meeting, living with, having children with, being inspired by, going to the pub with Sheila Gilhooly of Shipley, Yorkshire.

Favourite Radio 1 Memory

  • Kid Jensen having start to my programme because I was on the floor sobbing after another Liverpool European Cup victory. [1]

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  1. This was broadcast on 30 May 1984
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