John's Children - Desdemona

John's Children - Desdemona


John's Children were a 1960s pop art/mod rock band from Leatherhead, England that briefly featured future T. Rex frontman Marc Bolan. John's Children were known for their outrageous live performances and were booted off a tour with The Who in Germany in 1967 when they upstaged the headliners. Their 1967 single "Desdemona", a Bolan composition, was banned by the BBC because of the controversial lyric, "Lift up your skirt and fly" … (read more at Wikipedia)

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Peel first became aware of Marc Bolan as a member of the group John's Children, who created interest in 1967 with singles for Track Records, notably the Bolan song "Desdemona", which was banned by some radio stations because of its "obscene" lyrics ("lift up your skirt and fly"). Bolan's familiar "bleating" voice can be heard on the track, but although he wrote much of the group's material he was not its lead singer. On one Perfumed Garden Peel comments that he had been impressed by John's Children's performance at the 14 Hour Technicolor Dream, but the band did not achieve any major commercial success and Bolan left after only four months with them to form Tyrannosaurus Rex.

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Other Shows Played

  • 16 July 1967: Come And Play With Me In The Garden (single) Track
  • 17 July 1967: Come And Play With Me In The Garden (single) Track
  • 19 July 1967: Sara Crazy Child (single - Come and Play With Me In The Garden b-side) Track
  • 14 August 1967: Desdemona (single) Track
  • 29 October 1967: Go Go Girl (7") Track
  • 13 February 1988 (Radio Bremen): Hippie Gumbo (12" - Midsummers Night's Scene) Bam-Caruso
  • 10 April 1992: Hippie Gumbo (acetate)
  • 27 August 1998: Desdemona (CD - Jagged Time Lapse) Pilot
  • 06 October 1999: Come And Play With Me In The Garden (LP-A Midsummer Night's Scene) Bam-Caruso
  • 10 October 1999 (BFBS): Come And Play With Me In The Garden (LP-A Midsummer Night's Scene) Barn-Caruso
  • 10 September 2002: Desdemona (7") Track (JP: "There have been loads of books about Marc Bolan over the years and when I'm mentioned in them I do appear a bit of a knob to be perfectly honest. But the fact of the matter was I always knew that Marc had a bad side to him, and most of us did, but nevertheless the nice side of him was really nice and I enjoyed his company enormously. And that's about all there is to say on the subject really.")
  • 10 October 2002: Sara, Crazy Child (7") Track

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