John Foxx (born Dennis Leigh, 26 September 1948) is a singer, musician and songwriter best known for being the founder member and leader of the band Ultravox! (later Ultravox) and for his solo work mostly in electronic music.

After releasing three albums with Ultravox! on Island records, Foxx left the group while on tour in the US in early 1979 in order to record his debut solo album Metamatic, using mostly synthesisers and drum machines with the songs characterised by Foxx's glacial vocals. The album is now considered a seminal work in the development of electronic music, and spawned the singles Underpass and No-One Driving, both of which featured on Top of the Pops. After releasing a third fully electronic single Burning Car in the summer of 1980, and My Face, a flexi-disc for Smash Hits magazine, Foxx moved away from the UK to travel around Europe, mostly Italy and branched out into wider ranging musical forms. (read more on wikipedia)

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After having championed Ultravox! (who received little airplay elsewhere) Peel continued to follow Foxx's solo career by playing various tracks from Metamatic, including the associated singles' B-sides, during 1980. Scarce attention was given, however, to the follow-up The Garden (1981). Foxx did not record any solo BBC sessions for Peel although performances for BBC Saturday Live in 1983 and 1985 were broadcast. He also performed live with Louis Gordon on Janice Long's show in 2006.


Foxx did not record any Peel sessions as a solo artist although an Ultravox! session was recorded in 1977 on the release of their second album Ha! Ha! Ha! [1]

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Underpass-John Foxx



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