• John Peel's 70's Mixtape 2A
  • 1977
  • Mixtape of Peel shows from the 70's with links
  • A bizarre intro to the audio taking the piss of John Peel using the D'ye Ken John Peel theme. And then an intro to a Peel show with Pickin' The Blues where JP says: "Oh well, here we are again, Liverpool still top of the first division, amazing isn't somehow. And on tonight's programme we going to hear from Barclay James Harvest in concert and records by Bryan Ferry, Clash and Elvis Costello. Plus what I reckon must be the original version of the nation's number 1 tune or current number 1 tune and also 3 tracks from a hot new American band called Cheap Trick. Barclay James Harvest recorded live in concert Hammersmith last year and Crazy City, Polk Street Rag and Hymn For The Children and that's just for starters".
  • A strong candidate for the possible airing date for this show is 14 March 1977. It would not be the first time that the show notes as recorded by Ken mistook a concert for a series of album tracks. Liverpool were again number 1 in the league this week, before losing top spot on the 22nd March. The 15th March show notes Clash and Elvis Costello being played, indicating that they had releases out this week, while Manhattan Transfer had just reached number 1, with a cover version.
  • The Wishbone Ash concert seems to come from a Peel show, broadcast on 7th April 1977, as he mentions coming back from a holiday, which was in St. Lucia.


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  1. Crazy City
  2. Polk Street Rag
  3. Hymn For The Children
  4. For No One
  5. Mockingbird
  6. Rock 'N' Roll Star
  1. Runaway
  2. King Will Come
  3. Lorelei
  4. Mother Of Pearl
  5. Blowin' Free


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