• John Peel In Russia
  • 1988-03-12
  • R1 On Show 1988
    (K) Back when there was a USSR, Peel went there for 2 weeks in early 1988 (with Sheila, Johnny Beerling and a producer: in Margrave he says it was Dave Tate of the World Service*), and when he got back made a documentary about it. Here it is. I have had this on my desk for months but I sort of imagined everyone had it but apparently it might not have surfaced much. It's now very much a historical curio for all kinds of obvious reasons, coming not long after the dawn of glasnost and perestroika under Gorbachev (readers under 30, like my students, will need to look all this up in the history books), and just over a year before the wave of collapses of communist governments across the Warsaw Pact. Peel sort of writes about the trip on pp 64-70 of the hardback edition of Margrave, but he says he went in the Yeltsin era, which is clearly wrong. But the anecdotes are amusing.
  • John and Sheila did do many World service backed trips with Dave Tate between 86-93ish - eastern Europe, Sierra Leone, Hong Kong - but I thought it was Mike Hawkes who went on the Russia trip, just as he had on the Japan trip in late 86.
  • In the Summer of 1992, Peel visited Russia again, along with the Baltic states.


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  • Vova Siniy (Blue Vova) & Brothers In Mind: Hey, Hey
  • Brigada S: Бродяга (Vagrant)
  • Sasha Bashlachev: Чёрные дыры (Black holes)
  • Va-Bank: Одинокий герой (Lone hero)
  • Bravo: Ленинградский рок-н-ролл (Leningradskiy roknrol)
  • AVIA: Я не люблю тебя (I don't like you)
  • Slang: Мы - коммунисты (We are Communists, we are not fascists, we are humanists, we are all on drugs)
  • Nautilus Pompilius: Шар цвета хаки (The Military World)
  • Mozaika: Пару поддай! (Put on steam!)
  • Televizor: Рыба гниёт с головы (The fish is rotting from the head)
  • Popularnaja Mehanika (Popular Mechanics): Unknown (LP - Live At Riga) What's So Funny About ...
  • Zvuki Mu: Союзпечать (Soviet Press)


  • 1) John Peel in Russia 1988-03-12
  • 2) 1988-03-14 John Peel In Russia Part 2 BBC World Service TR011
  • 1) 1:01:44
  • 2) 0:35:12 (from 0:03:42) (incomplete with very bad audio)
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