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(JP: 10 Dec 1976): "I'm very grateful to the bands and the people who make the music, or most of them anyway, for the excitement and heated debate and general bewilderment they've brought back to the rock scene. And it's been long missed and sorely missed, I think." ... Read More >
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Peeling Back The Years 4
(JP on punk): "The most important thing that came out of it was the demystification of the whole process of making records. More important of course now was the fact that of these records an extraordinary percentage of them were really very good indeed." ... Read More >

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Sex Pistols
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‎30 June 1978
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BFBS 1982
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‎‎‎‎Melody Maker
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Jan89 (Ö3)
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07Mar89 (Ö3)
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‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Alexis Korner
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09 Feb 1969
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‎04 May 1969
22 June 1969

Peel TV


Adverts and continuity during Sex, Lies & Videotape (26?-9-1993, Channel 4)

Peel on voiceover duties in TV ad for The Best Of: The Undertones - Teenage Kicks (6:07-6:16 of video)


Rusty Young, Poco
23 Feb 1946 – 14 Apr 2021
96 Hillsborough victims
d. 15 April 1989
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Murray Walker
10 Oct 1923 - 13 Mar 2021


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Record Collection: Details of the first 100 LPs of each letter of John Peel's record collection were released at The Space website in 2012, including unexpected items featuring Spoken Word, Comedy, Classical and Opera. All material is now available at John Peel Archive and YouTube. Since Sept. 2014, a new Record Boxes series features selections from the collection by key music figures.

Peel Mailing List: Long hosted by Yahoo, the online group dedicated to Peel moved to groups.io at the end of Nov. 2019.

If you have tapes of vintage Peel shows that you would like to share or get help converting to digital formats, please contact the Peel Mailing List, where you will find many people keen to help you.

The John Peel Centre for Creative Arts is a vibrant venue run by enthusiastic volunteers in Stowmarket, Suffolk. Music, dance, theatre & visual arts.

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Working with the Ravenscroft family to build a digital archive of John Peel's record collection.

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